My Book Live backup options

Backup options - what is the difference between WD SmartWare and Windows Backup? Is one better than the other? Thanks.

Smartware does a backup of some stuff and keeps the back-up up-to-date on the fly.  Windows Backup is not as real time (I think) but can back-up a lot more than SmartWare’s back-up.  (I stand to be corrected.)


Actually the newest version of smartware allows you to either sitck with the “backup everything in this category” setup, or switch to “backup these particular files and or folders”. 

My question is, if I’ve been on the category backup for 6 months, and now I switch to just backing up files and folders I select, do I need to hit “backup”?  or will it just assess everything when the PC is idle?  and, then, will it go back and delete all the stuff on the mbl that was in a category before, but is no longer in my selected files and folders?

and if I’ve checked the my documents folder, I assume it will keep checking if any new files were added, or any older files were updated, and then back it up.

Thanks for the advice. I’m sorry - I don’t have an answer for your question. Thanks again.