SmartWare: when switching from categories to files/folders

I had about 100GB of info on the drive from the past year, all done under the “categories” method.

I’ve switched to files/folders now.

My question is, will the drive go back and delete any files on the MBL that were backed up as a category, but are now NOT one of my selected files/folders?  Or do those files remain on the MBL?

Or, will the MBL wipe everything and re-copy the selected files?

also, I opened smartware again tonight and the button said “start backup”.  so…I clicked it, and now it’s saying I have another 100GB to backup.  On this PC I should have less than 1GB of new files.  So I’m not sure what’s going on.

rrrg, and peeking into the hidden backup folder, smartware hasn’t updated the other computer since 9/14.  Not sure if that was the date I switched that other computer over to files/folders or what.  Do I need to “restart” the backup once I switch to files/folders?

EDIT: I see there’s a dedicated smartware forum, I’ll go over there.  you can lock this one.