New Update to My Cloud Home is coming! - Inviting Beta Testers!


You Spoke, We Listened – New updates coming to your My Cloud Home app!

Would you like to have early access to the App ? Would you like to be a Beta Tester and provide feedback?

If yes, here is how participate (Limited Participants)?
Simply fill out the short survey to participate:

- Note that, you must currently own a My Cloud Home device to be eligible.
-Participants will be selected based on pre-defined criteria to include diverse set of users.

What are the visible changes to expect with the update?

  • A new look and feel for all the client apps.
  • A significant number of performance and reliability fixes.
  • More comprehensive support for private sharing.
  • Improved photo backup.
  • Probably a few new bugs that we need help finding :slight_smile:

How does Beta work?
The program will happen in multiple phases. First, you will receive an updated set of client apps (mobile, desktop, web) to use with your existing product. The second wave of updates, likely within a couple of weeks, will upgrade your device to the latest firmware.

How to provide feedback?
A mailing list will be provided for any direct feedback.

We are looking forward to see you as Beta Tester!
The My Cloud Home Team.

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Make the USB Port Bidirectional
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Petition to change the firmware to the classic WD My Cloud
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Will this fix the issue with MyCloud Home taking out 5 GHZ Wifi? Some forum users say this is caused by the Plex app.

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I will get scripting error in second phase, what’s that and why this happened?


Is this genuine ?

Takes me to a google form and spelling isn’t even correct

“Do you currently use a produciton My Cloud Home device? *”

Looks a bit suspicious to me, or am I being too cautious


As disappointed I am and considering all the time lost dealing with issues since I bought this device, I registered for the beta testing. Hopefully it makes it something a lot more useful.

Being used as a family device, do you know of the other member of family we’ll be able to keep using their current settings? Or will they have to update the apps too? It makes it less likely I’lol go for the beta testing.

Most anticipated features are:

  • TimeMachine over SMB
  • TimeMachine size limit per user
  • proper / native integration with Finder (lots of features are not supported)
  • integration with Files on iOS
  • a proper replacement for iCloud photos (moments, intelligent sorting, editing, face recognition, etc.) somewhat similar to Synology’s
  • native file browsing / quicklook on iOS
  • My Cloud Home backup on external drive
  • online backup
  • 2FA login
  • offline access


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What about the duo model?

Is this actually real and will plex finally be updated


I guess it is worth for both models. It has always been hazardous to have both sub forums whereas the only difference is RAID.

Do you have any wishes specific to the Duo? (I do own a Duo myself)


yea i used mine for streaming only for plex so like to finally see an update to the plex app, since it is a custom version for these models so WD really need to work with plex to get this updated as plex are not the ones holding back on this

be great to have more control of files and what can be done with them which seeing your comment list before is a great start to features like to see as well

also being able to see my files without the internet is also important as well, since my internet went down last month for few days due to fibre install and i couldn’t even access any my files on my own network which is terrible… so should really be native windows access on a private network regardless if its linked to the internet or not

i got mine setup in JBOD which i believe spanning on these models so like to have vanilla JBOD so can treat each hdd as actually separate volumes so if actually have one hdd go bad i still got some my data on the other so can split my media over the two… if this cant be done due to the way android works then at least give me the option of Raid 0 like the WD My Book Duo


Well, I guess that’s the post everybody was waiting for.

I’m really looking forward for it, I assume that if you need beta testers for it some major changes are going to happen.

I already signed up for it.



My Cloud Desktop just got updated to v. on macOS.
I don’t know if it is the beta starting or just a casual update.


I guess to know which device to get into the beta program.
Only administrators can pin topics on the forum. Seems legit to me. Doesn’t mean WD could make it look less amateur.


Dear WD Community,

The My Cloud Home Public Beta is real for My Cloud Home and My Cloud Home Duo.


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Just received the TestFlight email for iOS app.
Where do we share comments? (Already have some).
Looks like big focus on photos a la SanDisk’s Ibi not more powerful NAS.



WD Discovery just updated to 3.3.34 on macOS (10.14.5). My Cloud Desktop still at v.
Process is unannounced and the machine appears stuck during install (on login there).
Don’t know if it’s the beta or just a casual update either.


Mines on same version (mac) - have signed up for beta this am, so doubt it would have happened that quick…


This is Genuine! We have updated the form.

My phone auto backup photos and video duplicated

I’ve also received the updated app for android and the web version.

  • App looks smoother while browsing with some nice new features

From what I can see a GREAT feature is going to arrive (as soon as My Cloud Home firmware is updated) that is Export to USB.

Didn’t have much time to look for the web version.


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Contact and comments available through TestFlight app…app look promising on photos front along with the smart filtering and editing options.! Look like it’s the rebranded SanDisk/ibi offering that you mentioned…


I haven’t signed int this website for a long while because I have kind of given up on this device. seeing this post gives me hope.

being a Mac user, I want this to work so badly…

I am looking forward to what the future holds. :slight_smile: