Introducing My Cloud™ Home


WD is pleased to announce the new release of the My Cloud Home

My Cloud Home is an easy-to-use storage device that plugs directly into your Wi-Fi router at home so you can save all your digital content in one central place. You can automatically back up the photos and videos on your phone, and wirelessly back up and sync all your PC and Mac computers and cloud accounts. Use the USB port to quickly import photos, videos and documents from other devices, like USB flash drives and external hard drives. Access, upload and share those photos and videos from anywhere with an internet connection using My Cloud™ Home apps for mobile, desktop and web. Use these simple apps for a smooth streaming experience of your personal videos to any device, anywhere.

One central place to store and organize everything
My Cloud™ Home storage is home to all your content. With enough space to keep all your photos, videos and files in one place at home, you can organize it your way and access from anywhere with an internet connection.

Quick and simple setup
Set up your My Cloud™ Home device quickly. Just plug it into your Wi-Fi router. Then, use your mobile device to visit to set up your account, and start backing up, accessing and sharing. No computer necessary and no monthly fee required!

Mobile, on-the-go access
Use the My Cloud™ Home mobile app, desktop app or to upload, access and share your favorite memories and stream videos saved on your My Cloud™ Home device.

Auto backup for photos and videos on your phone
Automatically back up photos and videos on your phone to the My Cloud™ Home device so you can make room for more.

USB port to import photos and videos from all your devices
Quickly import photos and videos from all the different devices scattered around your house, like USB flash drives and external hard drives, using the USB port on the back of the My Cloud™ Home. Keep all your favorite moments, action shots and adventures stored in one central, organized place.

Need Help on differences from My Cloud vs My Cloud home




You need to make very clear in the marketing press and related documentation that this IS NOT a traditional NAS but a customized network file server limited to WD’s custom access software. Anyone trying to also use it to store files for general purpose app access can not use the product. I’m not entirely sure what your developers were trying to do with this but, for me as a Mac user, it’s ONLY value is that of a network server for my Time Machine backups. I put my old WD MyBookWorld back online to retain the more traditional NAS file server capabilities. If you had a fix for MyBookWorld to allow it to work with Time Machine under Mac OS Sierra I could have saved a lot of grief - and disrespect for WD.


I have just “installed” this device. I remain thoroughly and completely confused and frustrated. I have ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA if my installation was correct. I have ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA if the device is actually backing up one of my computers. I have ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA if the device is backing up all of my computers. I have ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA how to restore my computers if one of them crashes.
I have ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA how to actually USE this device! There was essentially no documentation provided in the box. I’m at a loss how a company can sell such an opaque and irresponsibly mis-supported product.
What should I do? Don’t know. Where is the manual? Don’t know. Is the device working? Don’t know. No button to push? Don’t know.



I came to express my concern over this product. I think it is misleading. I own a MY CLOUD 4 tb personal cloud that I’ve had for a few years. I can access the items from any device in my home including my blu ray (to play photos and videos). We have loved it and have it set up perfectly for us however we ran out of space. After speaking with a store rep, I decided to buy a second cloud. I wanted 8tb. I have large photo files I store. I left with what I thought was the latest version of the My Cloud I currently had.

It is NOT the same. I don’t know if I am doing something wrong but it gave me two different areas to work in. One is like my previous cloud with a public folder only and no way that I’ve found to add anything outside of the public folder. (My previous My Cloud has “root” folders of PUBLIC, and also three more that are designed like the public folder and contain additional folders.

With My Cloud HOME, I can’t do anything but add into the public folder AND I have a drive labeled Z: that appears to work like a hard drive. This new cloud can’t be seen anywhere else, particularly not my blu ray which is important to me.

From reading on this forum, it sounds like the previous my cloud and the new my cloud home do NOT work the same. I made a huge mistake in this purchase and am seeking out information if I buy the older version off of amazon, if it will truly work like my current my cloud and NOT like the my cloud home.

I am very disappointed. I already have Dropbox and frankly this My Cloud Home appears to be more like a local Dropbox. Not at all what I wanted.

Thank you.


This is a shockingly poor NAS. It has no functionality, no flexibility and Im tempted to drop it down the stairs to get a refund … and I’ve only had it 24 hours!!!


I have to say that I have just purchased one of these sold on the easy transfer of your data via the USB port and there is now way to get this recognised or connected! Equally the upload feature through the mycloud website does not work! Worked first time to partially upload iPhoto library, but because it was large it stopped after a couple of hours and I have never managed to get it to work again.

I have spent hours on this and websites trying to see how to connect an external USB hard drive and get this seen for backing up or easily transferring files! Nice pictures on the box, but nothing works!

I have looked everywhere, tried everything and nothing works. It would be nice to have the USB drive work to transfer large photo libraries and movies onto device without having to go via wifi for this to stop working and never work again!


I am disappointed about this too… and only worked this out, after the fact I bought it


I have been reading things about this device for 2 months.I really wanted to like this NAS, It seems like a very good idea, a nice and user frendly interface, i like how you can easily watch videos remotely, and how the device transcodes videos automacatilly, the way notification works in wd mobile app looks very nice and easy. But overall I think the good ideads were poorly implemented, the limitation, lack of features/apps and lack of flexibility makes it a bad choice even to a average consumer. I gave up the idea of buying it and I am going for the synology DS 218+. It is more expensive, but at least I don’t have to worry about anything, it is powerfull enough to do whatever you want, with a lot of features including transcoding and streaming any sort of media on plex.


I bought this on a recommendation. Of course, the recommendation was my cloud and not my cloud home. Well, shame on me for not checking the difference better. Looking here would make it clear that the product is useless. Yes, useless.

I don’t know where to begin. First of all, I’m not an average user, I was expecting traditional NAS or better. This is not even close to anything and it is not better in any way.

I plugged it in as instructed and installed the mobile app first. OK, after 2 hours I can clearly see that I can’t do anything with it. I can make a backup of my files on Dropbox.

I can literally drag and drop files or copy them on my computer, BUT. I have four laptops at home. All Lenovo YOGA different types, all with Windows 10 with last updates. Application is working on only 1 computer! I encounter problems on 3 other computers. Application installed correctly, it did found drive, but I can’t open it. On 1 computer application works correctly, on other 3 same problem. I don’t have time for this s…

Drive is not visible in Acronis 2016 on any computer or in any software other than Windows. At least on this one computer that is working correctly.

I plugged in USB disk so I can copy the data… it’s not working. Nothing happened.

It displays that I have 3,5TB of free space. I bought 4TB drive. Where is 0,5TB of space?

I could go on with this… but for now I’m thinking on setting it on fire or placing it into a microwave or washing machine, maybe shooting it with a gun or something that would make me happy for a moment.

I don’t see it. This WD idea. Sometimes making things easier doesn’t necessarily make them better.

After 24 hours I don’t see any proper use of this and it makes me cry over my purchase.


I have had my device for about a week and invested at least 10 hours trying to get it going. I’m finding it challenging to set up, and am plugging away with individual questions on the community forum. I still haven’t conquered setting up TimeMachine back-ups for multiple users, and haven’t been able to log on to see the Dashboard.

I’ll keep trying. I’m not a tech professional. Nor am I a slow learner.


Are you…? Really!?


I don’t see any mention of storage of mp3 files, which is one of my priorities for this unit. Can I store and access my music on it? I’m in the process of uploading from a drive in my home, and it appears to be loading the mp3 files into the folder that I’ve created from home, but none of those files are visible when I’m viewing them remotely. Any suggestions?


Simple are kidding? This device has wasted hours of my time.


Have to agree, worst product I’ve ever come across. Technical support is total rubbish! spent 4 hours online with my own technical department (NHS) they couldn’t make it work, spent several hours letting Acronis try to install and get their software to work and they couldn’t either.

If you’re thinking of buying one of theses, DON’T it’s a waste of time and money!

WD have done themselves no favours with this product.


With Windows 10: The mounted drive of the user personal space is
seen by the Explorer. However it is not recognized by standard backup programs (Acronis, e.g.). So all content which is placed in this space will be lost in case of a HDD failure. I wonder why WD is selling a products which misses such a basic feature. This must be mentioned in the documentation.

I will return the product.


Opted to purchase MyCloud Home over MyCloud only because it is an updated version and comes with a better processing ability, However, to my surprise, only after few hours of usage , I learnt that this device is much less productive compared to the older one.

No NAS support?No SSH?Really?

Above this,this device cannot be taken for granted while accessing huge files, it takes ages to load even on LAN!

Advertised wrongly and I have fallen to it. Only hope is to see if they allow these features with future updates.