Introducing My Cloud™ Home


I was using My Cloud - nice product. Recently, I sold it in order to buy My Cloud Home with bigger capacity (announced as new one). As soon as I saw administration of Home version I realized that I was cheated by WD marketing - There are missing settings in admin. The software is terribly poor.

I have already bought 7 products from WD but this one is the worse and I will send it back to distributor.

I noticed that WD took the software out from My Cloud (which they silently pull down from sales) and placed the software into more expensive My Cloud EX2 (for companies).

But, hey WD, you cannot cheat up your customers to providing them Home version which includes almost no settings features.


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I think I am missing something here - need help. I am debating acquiring a NAS device and had a friend that has used My Cloud, favorable comments from him. So I headed to this site and am in this forum topic. I have never have seen so many negatives on a product - are these comments real? Is there anything good about the WD My Cloud?

Thanks - ken


Hey Ken. I’m a recent purchaser of a My Cloud Home device and my advice to you to is to go with another option. I say this, not because I have had an issue with the device but because it lacks a lot of features. The UI is horrible imo - dashboard was coded out in about 15 minutes from the looks of it and lacks any real useful functionality. I use the My Cloud Home storage as a first storage and back-up with external devices via my MacBook as a bridge to do this…well because once again not something WD does (export) for the user. I have enough knowledge to work around their shortcomings but I’m constantly searching for something better and will not purchase from WD in the future.



How do you access the rear USB port. Also how do you access the dashboard on the mycloud home unit




You can import a USB drive connected to the my cloud home using the mobile app.

The my cloud home does not have a dashboard.


I recently purchased a MyCloudHome hard drive. I downloaded the Desktop App onto my PC and the Mobile App onto my iPhone. The Desktop App works great. It’s just like another letter drive mapped on my Windows Explorer (z drive). i can copy and move files in and out, open files, make changes, save them back on the z drive in any subfolder I’ve created. There is no “uploading” or “downloading” of files. It’s seamless.

The mobile app is another story. It seems to work great for photos, but I don’t work much with photos. I work mostly with Word, Excel and PDF files. Word and Excel files do not open automatically in the software, I have to open a copy by choosing the software I want to use. The copy is then read-only, and I cannot make changes unless I save it locally to my iPhone, or to another cloud service such as iDrive or One Drive (which really defeats the purpose, in my opinion). Having then saved a copy of the document with changes, there seems to be no option whatsoever to upload the revised document back onto the Z drive and replace the original document with the new changed one.

This was not made clear in the materials I reviewed before purchasing the unit, and it was not made clear in any of the documentation used in installing and setting it up.

This seems to be a major oversight in the software, and one I can’t think of any good reason to exist. I should be able to open, edit and save documents and spreadsheets on my phone as seamlessly as I can on my PC. I know it can be done, or it wouldn’t be doable on the Desktop App.

I would think this would be a very high priority for your team to resolve, but nothing I read indicates that you or they even care. What good is having my own private cloud if I can’t edit and save documents on it while on the go?


They just added support to preview PDF files IIRC in the latest app update. Maybe they can add preview word and excel in a future update. I would suggest posting this feature request in the my cloud home ideas board.

That being said word and excel files would need an app that supports the file format to edit them. It would be nice to see this added to the my cloud home app however i am not sure you will see that feature added. microsoft owns the excel and word formats so there would likely need to be some sort of royalty paid to them to support editing these file types.


If I buy a new “My Cloud” can I continue to use my existing WD “MyBook Live” 2T and make these products work together? The above says “Use these simple apps for a smooth streaming experience of your personal videos to any device, anywhere.” (The older “MyBook Live” does not have a USB connection like the one found on a new “My Cloud.”)


I truly regret my purchase of this device. It stays “offline”, and no matter what instructions I follow I can not get it to work. I had hoped it would work like MY Book Live did. It doesn’t.


Does anyone from WD actually read these posts? I have not gotten mine past the startup phase where the light flashes before you can configure. After 18 hours (yes hours) I took it back and got a new one which is also still flashing after 2 hours and counting.


You ought to contact WD SUPPORT if you want to talk with WD people. Egys is a USER forum.


WD team,

After reading all these unsatisfied customer comments on not being able to use this device as a NAS solution. Perhaps you’d like to consider changing the way you market your product and either: (a) offer a refund program for credit towards buying a NAS, (b) publish a firmware upgrade to allow NAS-like functionality, or (c ) at least even address some of my this issues with the community.

I look forward to hearing from you.


Wow… This product is a total joke and should not be marketed as a NAS. Such a slap in the face for not doing any research. I don’t understand why the need to reinvent the wheel. Having an app should not be a requirement, to use the product This pile should be an improvement upon the mycloud architecture not a giant step backwards. I will be returning the product tomorrow and getting a true NAS setup… my faith is lost in the WD brand. With physical drives you should sell them as a NAS. Not a total cloud solution, if people wanted that the space for a true cloud solution is much cheaper!!