Functionality of My Cloud Home? Where is all the great features from My Cloud and the My Cloud App

You claim that you can open files on the new My Cloud Home mobile app. I have had the app since Oct and there is no functionality in the app. The “ONLY” thing the app does is let you look at your My Cloud Home. You can’t download files to your phone, you can’t open files on your phone.

I have been a loyal user of WD My Cloud since 2010. Was the best investment I had made in computer hardware ever. Then you deleted the most incredible app that downloaded my pictures from my phone into a file of my choosing. (Now the new my cloud home put them into one folder that I don’t even get to pick and it doesn’t organize them by month.)

The old my cloud app actually worked like you said it would, allowing me to open, view and even change files and save them back to the cloud without having to save them to the phone. You can’t even download the file to the phone, the user has to send them in a text or email to themselves which is your suggestion and by the way - THAT DOESN"T WORK BECAUSE THE FILE ISN"T EVEN A REAL FILE! What kind of game are we playing???

It is clear from all the bad reviews and these unanswered forums that WD doesn’t care how the users feel. These products were built for the user so why don’t you listen.

Here are the issues that need to be addressed:
Overall desktop app:
WD Discovery doesn’t stay connected. At times it required the user to sign back in. Why can’t the software have a box to check that remembers the user???

Mobile App on Android:
Open a file on the phone should not require the user to download anything. App should allow user to view, and even change file.
App doesn’t allow files to the be “COPIED” to the phone.
App doesn’t allow user to assign where photos are downloaded to.

There is so much other stuff that could be done to both of these but I can’t even think about it because I am so frustrated with myself over how much time and effort I have spent trying to make this thing work.

Please make My Cloud Home improvements to be more like the original My Cloud so I don’t feel like I wasted my money and need to find a new solution for my home cloud storage.


It seems wdsupport doesn’t care customers comments and feedbacks. I’m just reading topics for 30 minutes and have founds lots of similar concerns and requests.

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I see zero support here - This MCH is a dreadful next iteration of plain old MC … It is unusable as designed and is so different from MC someone should be fired…

Agree with the post, without improvement and openess (allow installing SSH, sFTP, Transmission, etc) it’s a useless ■■■■

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