New Release - WD TV Live Streaming Media Player Firmware Version 1.16.13 (7/23/13)

WD is happy to announce our latest firmware update for the WD TV Live Streaming Media Player.

If you experience any issues with this firmware, please report them in the WD TV Live Streaming Issue Reporting exchange.

For questions or sharing your experience, you can post in this thread.


YouTube issue still exists after updating device. Device restarts when video changes automatically during a Playlist.


Thanks for the update WD. Appreciate your dedication to improving the product.

Firmware loaded fine. No more ‘Getting Content Info’ banner sticking around.

Still have an issue with AAC audio not syncing in my FLV files. 

I still have the intermittant issue with no Netflix audio (still can be corrected by holding down Mute, then unmuting).

Watching a Youtube video, then at end of video triggered a reboot. I assume it is the bug due to the resolution change.

Is this problem fixed?

Youtube playing issues still. :cry:  It should more important because it is used by many people. The YouTube client is slow, silly and unstable. I’m disappointed.


Would the firmware upgrade remove any favourites saved under dashboard (i.e. my usb thumbdrive)?

CJdias wrote:

Would the firmware upgrade remove any favourites saved under dashboard (i.e. my usb thumbdrive)?

Usually not.

Still no fix for YouTube? Really?!?

How about 24fps mkv’s that stutter/drop frames? Nope, no fix?!?


Oh so the stuttering thing isn’t fixed yet? Sigh… 

Yet another firmware dedicated to al that commercial . I wonder when they are going to solve real problems like the 24p stuttering.

Maybe the YouTube problem is to hard to fix for the beginners working for WD…

Why do I only get english content info again? I want to have german content info! It worked before you released the new fw…

Why is it so hard for you guys to release a firmware that fixes the existing problems and doesn’t create new ones…

Yes, I have noticed this to. Everything that seems to be the most important to the users has been continuously ignored, Netflix restart issue, 24p stuttering etc. MLB.TV gets many fixes but the much much more important YouTube gets nothing in the way of fixes. The two most used streaming services in the world and nothing at all… really?

EDIT: Well well, just when I thought an important issue was never going to be fixed I decided to recreate the Netflix restart issue a few minutes ago and the thing worked beautifully. No more Netflix restart issue for me. I wonder why they are not listing all the fixes this update resolves? Another thing I have noticed that I am pretty sure is not a placebo, is the fact I think my devices UI is much quicker now. Anyone else noticing a speed up with the UI on FW 1.16?

WD, I’ll give you your player back, and you give me my money, deal???

Thanks for the update, still did not fix the pink screen issue or forgets resolution if disconnected from power source. Thanks for nothing

Player’s menu is now a lot faster than with 1.15 version. Manual folder (re)scan is now as fast as light  :smiley:

However, still having an old bug when deleting one file (movie, etc) through the device itself: displayed media list is not refreshed = deleted movie still appears in the media library list = need to manually force media library rescan, or wait for the automatic scan, to see the deleted movie disappearing from the list

Device still automatically turns on when powered (instead of going in standby mode by default)…

And  I encounter a new bug as well: selecting one personal added item from the “favorite dashboard” linked to one library folder (“movie” in this case), media library build on shared network drive folders, I got everytime a message telling me the media library has been deleted and asking me to choose one new valid source… then listing available valid sources, including the media library itself !

I have performed a factory reset after the update so all my media sources (network drive) have been redefined correctly and are valid + media library rebuilt

= I can access it without any issue from different tabs (videos, music, and so on), setting each tab source as “media library”, but this is not working from the favorite dashboard…

This is weird, anyone else encounters this issue ?

I don’t understand… but …

1)Why your firmware upgrade are useless since the 1.13.18 version?

2)Why all your firmware upgrade add + bugs - fix -new function?

3)Why don’t fix the bug reported in issue area and why don’t try to implement the ideas that community submitted in idea areas?

Community manager, please report this post and the other on this forum, we need someone that really hear what the users write in this forum.

I  think that this device is the best on the market for price and quality , but after the 1.12  version, the firmware were all useless and buggy…


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Thanks for the update.

Here are my first impressions of the new firmware:

  • Video: good as before
  • Audio: still not gapless
  • Photo: 4:3 now shows w/o distortion
  • Youtube: Still prefer app with b/w logo, but miss “recently viewed” items
  • MLB.TV: much more usable, but leaves room for improvement
        - live games: ok with few interruptions

        - audio often silent after power on
    - archived games:
        - game list reveals extra-innings/no extra innings: both are spoilers
        - watch from beginning: now works :slight_smile:
        - jump to inning: now works but table reveals extra innings too soon
        - buffering still followed by a fast-forward
        - bandwidth is only lowered when buffer is empty
        - bandwidth cannot be chosen manually to avoid buffering
    - game recaps: summary line often a spoiler

  • Operations
        - power off still does not power down external usb drives
        - list view: up button on first item should go to last, instead of color buttons
        - still some reboots when using services



For everyone to know, we just posted a KB on the YouTube Leanback reboot issue.

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Automatic content scraping bug is fixed.  Great!

Youtube app rebooting device, after moving to next in playlist.  Not fixed.  Maybe next time?

Glad to see some acknowledgement of the YouTube Leanback issue by WD after so many weeks. Better late than never. Hoped that this would have been fixed with this update though. I remember the days when I would get excited when updates were released, now I’m just scared my device is going to get worse.