New Release - Firmware Version 3.05.10 for WD TV Live Hub (6/5/12)

WD is happy to announce our latest firmware update for the WD TV Live Hub Media Player.

If you experience any issues with this firmware, please report them in the WD TV Live Hub Issue Reporting exchange.

Feel free to post your questions or experiences in this thread.

NOTE: We are sorry to inform you that there was a mistake in our release notes. Maxdome and Acetrax are not supported on The WDTV Live Hub.   



this update should Supports maxdome videos on demand service (Germany only).

but where did i find it inside the menu?

i have a maxdome account but dont find a entry inside my tv live hud menu…

pls help

Is this issue fixed yet? 

No amazon prime :cry: . Still hoping

Ok …

23:10 - Starting update …

23:11 - Firmware download complete, Hub restarting …

23:13 - Firmware updating … ( 1/2 )

23:14 - Firmware updating … ( 2/2 )

23:16 - All finished, and Hub restarted.

So all good, Pictures show, Music plays and tested a variety of Video files which all play perfectly.

New LiveTV option on Menu, which contains Slingplayer.

So pleased BBC iPlayer is now included, its a bit sluggish to navigate, but playback is just fine.

Sleep-timer during playback looks to be a winner

As a side, for the first time ever, Hub now remembers correct Video Output settings ( on HDMI ) !!

Twonky still at 5.1.9, still ‘calling’ for that long over due upgrade :slight_smile:

All-in-all easy clean upgrade, and worth it for the iPlayer alone

I took a chance and tried the new firmware.  Only thing I was looking for was a fix for the toslink output being enabled while hooked to a 1.2 hdmi tv.  Well it works!!!

btw - I previously had to downgrade to 2.X firmware for this configuration.  Now to try out the new toys.

THANKS for helping us old school folks out.


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I don’t have much to say about the new firmware yet… except that I installed it no problems and it’s working great with Darklight theme just fine.

Match framerate is fixed with iso files for me so I am happy


Where’s the iPlayer option? I upgraded and I now get the new Live TV section with sling player in it, but I don’t see iPlayer anywhere in Services. Am I missing something?

I live in the Isle of Man, which is in the UK, so I guess I should qualify.

Any help greatly appreciated.




I’m from Germany and i also can’t find Maxdome.

Anyone knows the reason?


Finally! The idea I requested 16 months ago which is the sleep feature have been implemented. This will be great at night.

This idea can now be changed to implemented.

Hi Support,

I’ve the same question for:


this update should Supports maxdome videos on demand service (Germany only).


In a german press release it was announced that this will only aviable on the WD Live and not on the WD Live HUB. In your Release note, for the WD Live HUB, it should be aviable.

Where can I find it or what I’ve to do to activate it.

I changed the Timezone to UTC+1 (Berlin)  including summertime via the WEB interface too…

Should the WD Live HUD reseted to the factory settings or how can I activate this feature?

This was the reason why I’ve updated the device.

best regards


thanks for getting BBC iPlayer on here, using it now and it running fine. also prefer the new layout of the Services menu.

Can we now also get ITV & 4oD players and that will very welcome :slight_smile:

also sure about AceTrax… i think people would prefer Netflix that another paid service.


maxdome - wird nicht angezeigt…

…habe alles mögliche ausprobiert - leider ohne erfolg.

hoffe hier antwortet mal jemand und hilft uns weiter…


  • Translation:

maxdome - will not be displayed …

… have tried everything possible - unfortunately without success.

hope this answers someone to help us continue …

thank you

Hi Support,

thank you for the fast answer about maxdome support.

Will it be supported in future release or is it the first time that a smaller device will be better as the expensive one?

best regards


Youtube - big improvement but needs  a list type instead of thumb nail type of pre view

 Live TV -  a big disappointment  - no go and needs a another box  still need  a PC to do this

Aol - two thunbs up

Games - useless  always useless

Services could have more - but improving

Sleep mode! Thank you so much!

Would love WD to also fix the meta organizing problem with movies that start with “A” and “The” to be organized by the next word in the title, 3D support for certain files (stereoscopic) and better audio support of files that have 5.1 audio to sound better on a 2 channel TV. (Dolby Dynamic Range Control Setting does nothing for me)

A few thoughts on the new FW:> > * * *

caribpapi wrote:

Sleep mode! Thank you so much!


  1.  Yup, love the timer idea, but think the implementation is a bit cludgy. It’s a bit round-about to get to the place to set t the timer. No huge deal obvioously (options>Device Auto Sleep Timer>) but why do it for an individual video or audio file? Why not have a timer that deals with the HUB as a whole from the main page.


To that end, although it seems to work well in a lot of applications (video, Audio’s, even my watching my PlayOn server which was impressive),but not in a buch of stuff that would be really helpful.It does not have an infterface for several Web based applications. I cannot find anyway to use it in “Tune In Radio”, Pandora and Spotify. I would love to be able to one of those running while I drift off to sleep and then have the HUB shut itself to off or into standby.


Im not coder so I have no idea about implementing it into these apps, but it would seem to me that havin an all purpose timer from the main home menu would solve the entire thing, and then no one would have to program it as a feature for each individual application. Just my 2cents (and probably not even worth that) :smileyvery-happy:


  1. I haven’t gotten a chance to play with the Slingbox client yet but am psyched about that implementation. Though I agree with another comment here that you still need to have a slingbox which does cost some cash and doesn’t really help you if you have both the slingbox and your HUB in the same house. For me though, it solves an cool problem. I live several thousand miles away from my hometown, so dont get my (American) football teams games on m TV. I have to go to a sports bar at 10am on Sundays. I can connect into a friends slingbox that is based in my home state and “sling” it across the Internet to my widescreen. I have always been able to do this to my computer, but the size of the screen made it not really worth while. Now slinging to my TV at home will be killer. Just a neat implementation that solves a problem for me (and possibly only me)


  1. I am finding it much faster refreshing my folder pictures and movie_sheets using Black Mamba with the Media Library on. That alone was enough to make me smile.


Thanks WD for the updates. Keep em’ coming, the HUB just keeps on getting better and better


Good luck to all on your upgrades




Still not .png support nor .png with .jpg extension reintroduced and as allways you add more and more services, I have to remember to WD that the WD TV Live Hub has a 1 TB hard disk so it supposed that people put their own music maybe in 24 bit 96 KHz format as it’s supported so why don’t you improve also the base function like the music player interface it also needs big improvement, my portable mp3 player can manage playlist better and has a better interface and it’s 5 years old.

At least add support to .m3u playlist so finily we can make flac files playlist. Also a way to display songs lyrics would be much appreciate.

WD you’re giving us firmware updates of two different products (WD TV Live Hub 1 TB and WD TV Live Streaming) like they were the same product but remember the hub has 1 TB hard disk and so we put our files and plays our files on the hub, the services are good optionals but I don’t think users will ever use all of them and in some country you will have only a few of them working.