New Firmware Update 7.12.0-164

Schermata 2020-10-06 alle 19.50.40

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Not the kind of release notes they got for My Cloud OS 5.

Just received the update, nothing changed.

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I can’t update firmware. App says current wit 04.05.00-342 and says no update available. Web interface does NOT give any options on the little cog wheel except Manage Users. Tried to submit a support request, but says I need to reset password, but email never arrives to reset.

This section of the forum is for My Cloud Home. Based on your firmware version you are talking about the old My Cloud and you have the last firmware.

Maybe you are lucky enough to try the new My Cloud OS 5.

yeah maybe…so I downloaded the new app, and it won’t log me in. Said password incorrect. So I did the forgot password thing, created new one, and it won’t log me in. :frowning:

What’s your product model?

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The other side or the name of it would be more helpful.
If you don’t know it you can search the p/n number and it should give you the model name.

2TB My Cloud

*** Dream ***

Ah it’s a My Cloud. It’s not supported by the public preview of My Cloud OS 5.