Firmware 5.0.7-103: minor update / no release notes

My My Cloud Home has been updated to firmware 5.0.7-103 seems a minor update again, 5 months after the last minor update. No release notes are published yet. I expect them to not be detailed.

It would be great to have some sort of roadmap. This thing looks dead.


@AustinForest Where are you seeing this number on the My Cloud Home. A check of Firmware notes for this device shows the following.

As stated was updated tonight. I received a notification by email linking to this outdated page.
You can see in your settings.

I also got the email.

When I’ve seen it, at first I was like “Wow, I can’t believe… WD finally it giving us an update (hoping for a major of course)”.

But then this… no release notes… nothing (well I don’t know why I’m still surprised).


When did you receive the email? Just to know whether WD is pushing the update simultaneously to everyone or progressively…

Hopefully, we’ll get some news sometimes…

I received it on 03/05.

Let’s see how it goes… maybe they’re working on something and we get a “real update” soon.

Accidentally browsing this website (, it reads:

The My Cloud Home hardware will be receiving a software update beyond version 5.0.5-104 as part of our ongoing improvement program, which is expected to occur in the June 2019 timeframe. This software update could impact your application as 1 API has been revised, 2 have changed in favor of other methods, and 4 APIs will no longer be supported. My Cloud Home applications that use these APIs will need updates. [emphasis added]

So maybe, we’ll be getting a proper update in June…

Well, this give us a little hope. The only thing I find strange is that there they mention version version 5.0.5-104 but apparently we’re already on 5.0.7-103.

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