Firmware 7.0.0-129 (1/15/2020): no new feature?

Firmware 7.0.0-129 (1/15/2020)

  • Bug fixes and performance enhancements

Release notes published. Mine is not yet updated. Anyone got it? Is sharing on Desktop back?

can you link this page?

There you are:


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…maybe it removes the festive theme from dec update…:rofl::rofl:.- that was like a kick in the teeth…

WD have time to update the app with this sh!te?? - but not what the user base are shouting for…

Well it’s only the client app that got that creepy Christmas theme. The firmware did not.
Anyone got updated and can share info on anything new?

this new version is now online and with the iOS app 4.0 update.
But no new feature

I have been updated both MCH and iOS app (4.0.0).
No now features yet/at first sight. But iOS app release notes are not online.

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