New FW 6.4.0

Last night my mycloud Duo upgraded to fw 6.1.0-116.
I couldn‘t find a description or any other information about this fw.
The app updated some days ago and I could use the new functions already.
Any information about 6.1.0 ?


Also my my cloud home duo upgraded last night to 6.1.0-116 but no release notes

The same question, folks.

6.1.0-119 now…

No release notes still.

No prompt (neither email or notification…)

As i see, we do not have feedback in any meaning.

  1. For my case i see huge speed advantage in comparison with previous versions
  2. Broken compatibility with old android versions. Result - old smartphones use old version of client. We will see usage problems on old devices?

My Cloud Home Duo - Software version 6.1.0-119 where do we read details ?

Thank You

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And now 6.2.2-115

And yet again no release notes.

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Since last night 6.4.0-115
If someone from WD is reading this- this is a joke! You need to tell us what the firmware changes are.

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Not updated yet here. You should start a new topic titled with the firmware version.

Is family folder sharing back?
Mine did not update across the night.

Hope everything is ready for iOS 13 tonight (App was not updated) and Catalina next month.