New Firmware... Same as WDTV?


With the latest firmware, now that the WDTV Live SMP supports Miracast etc. etc. Is there now any difference between the WDTV Live SMP and the latest model WDTV - apart from newer model does not support NetFlix??



Indeed, I was wondering that just now as only just discovered there is now a WD TV looking exactly the same as the WD TV Live I’ve had for 2 years.

Who dreamt up this product naming strategy!?having new product a substring of name of the former.

And why two products? - is one for only certain regions that arent allowed/licenced to use Netflix? Then why not disable it like UK only BBC iPlayer app. Maybe a question for other WD TV forum.

I quite agree with you, as regarding the naming policy.I’m new to this whole WDTV lark, I only bought mine a week or so ago. I bought it second hand, and I found the whole naming thing really confusing. There seems to be half a dozen devices that are all look roughly the same, at least from an online photo and all have similar names.

I’d be interested to know if there are any differences between the WDTV Live SMP that I just paid 40 quid for and have now upgraded to the latest firmware, and a brand new ‘WDTV’ that costs… <well, I was going to look up a price, but if I type WDTV into Google, it seems to mostly come up with links to ‘WDTV Live’ stuff…!   clever marketing…!>

With current firmware on both a WD TV Live SMP and a WD TV, it has been suggested that the only major differnce is that the WD TV can not connect to Netflix. But with limited updated documentation it’s really not clear.

You could visit this page:

and see that it says that the WD TV Live lacks Miracast and Home Screen Customization capabilities, but the most recent firmware seems to have added these, making Netflix capability the only difference.

Maybe someone from WD will answer?