Info about difference from the wd tv live smp 3°gen and the wd tv

Hi all, i would like to buy this new device only if have some substancial difference from the previous model wd tv live smp 3°gen, and i think that this question will be very appreciated.

1)Miracast and sdk are the only difference from the previous model or there are difference of cpu or chipset?

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Yup, I came here to ask the same question.

Hoping for at least a processor upgrade and a RAM upgrade! Otherwise, reading the press releases about this hardware… it doesn’t seem like much changed :frowning:

Looking for the same info

whats new

whats the chipset



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Looks like no Netflix? This could be a deal breaker for me. I need to have a Netflix app.

According to all the tech news sites, it is the same old hardware, but this new model has dropped Netflix.

This is a quote on Gigaom about the new WD TV model:

WD has dropped support for Netflix and Vimeo, and a spokesperson told me that there are no plans “at this time” to add these apps to the new device.

No Netflix support? Ha! Why even bother making this device? There is no chance I would consider buying any media player that doesn’t support Netflix.

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No Netflix is a deal breaker for me

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I have to say this is really disappointing. I love my Hub and was looking forward to an updated device that addressed the shortcomings that were consequent to the time it was released. Not having an internal drive didn’t bug me as it actually seems like a good idea when tallying advantages and disadvantages of internal and external drives. I envisioned attaching a 3TB USB drive (WD of course) to a new WD player that did what the Hub did well (dang near universal media format support, ethernet port, and support for obvious streaming services) but did it better ( faster cpu, more stable firmware, actual gigabit ethernet, modern streaming app features and interface) I don’t think this was unreasonable to expect in 2014 from the company that gave us the Hub.

But seriously, no Netflix?

What. The. Frick.

For a device that is marketed to the exponentially expanding cord cutter market, no Netflix?? I thought a Roku model not having Youtube was missing the point. This, this just leaves me dumbfounded.

Having a device that wasn’t as feature rich at streaming as the Roku didn’t bother me, because it still did steaming as well as I needed, and it did local media better than anything else. But needing to have two devices, one for playing local media and one for streaming (because if you’ve cut the cord there’s a 99% chance you patronize Netflix) seems to me to be a huge step backward, like suddenly needing to have a file server running to watch local media files (cough)

I’m really disappointed, and I say this as a happy customer that was looking forward to buying the next device. As it stands now, if and when my Hub gives out I don’t see any reason to replace it with this new device.

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Ouch, so if there are no hardware upgrades and LESS functionality in this device they plan to ride the next 2-3 years out with(considering the SMP’s lifespan), what device is everyone planning on moving to? What is the best XBMC compatible device that plays everything right now?

RedRooster wrote:

What is the best XBMC compatible device that plays everything right now?

XBMC for a *Suped up*  Min Quad-Core PC  $$$$ … it even supports Hi10p 

oops! … and 4K playback as well

That’s the “BEST” XBMC device … but you will have to pay many dollars more (at least 4 figures) for the “Best”

I assume WD figures that this miracast thing would compensate for the lack of Netflix by the fact you can cast Netflix from your Android device if you happen to own one. I don’t and would not like the addition of having to use another device to watch Netfix.

I’d give them $49 for this device only because it plays all my current media from my 14tb RAID setup on my computer. The only other feature this unit still has that I have not bought into yet is HULU for my TV sitcom addiction for when I cut the Satellite Corporations funding off for getting greedy on subscription rates.

I hope there is something really in the works at WD for the next real device like a faster processor, downloadable apps that would cover all the media providers, 1g networking, USB3 with HUB support and capable of handling the newest 5tb drives and higher. I would have liked to see them release nothing at all than to disgrace themselves with this downgraded device.

What about the UI and limitations it has:

  • Folders (that contain movie sets) and individual movies sort separately instead of together
  • No way to have a separate Display name from a Sort Name
  • Proper sorting for US English (automatically skipping “The”, “A”, “An”, etc.)

Any improvements there?  I might consider upgrading if those were solved.  I don’t care so much about Netflix, as this is the media player on my boat.

No Netflix, no thanks!

I’d like to see Live also. I hate getting out the laptop and HDMI cable to watch live events on


Alot of your questions are being addressed in this earlier thread:


Yes, and this is the official forum of the new wd tv, this is the thread for the new reply, migrate here thanks :wink:

I try to give the benefit of the doubt that maybe there’s something going on behind the scenes with licensing that they can’t release yet, etc., but reading the part about not having any plans to add Netflix gives me the feeling that I made a mistake in my tech investment.  I’m hoping its not because they climbed in bed with another company.

My first WD TV was the hub which I thought was the best thing since sliced bread, but I felt a little burned when they stopped keeping it up-to-date.  Even though I researched alternatives, I remained loyal.  Last month I replaced the hub with a SMP since I had another one in a different room and no other off-the-shelf media player supports as many formats.  (Thankfully missing the 3rd gen)  However, I have a Synology NAS with Video Station that has a Roku app for it, but the NAS would have to use it’s CPU to remux mkv.

If this really is WD’s new direction, I made a mistake getting another one.  They could easily push a final firmware for the 2nd Gen that drops Netflix and then no longer keep it up-to-date like they did the hub.

Enrico.Boccuni wrote:


Yes, and this is the official forum of the new wd tv, this is the thread for the new reply, migrate here thanks :wink:

I did not suggest anyone migrate to the other thread.  I just informed folks that this product has been being discussed for a few weeks elsewhere before this “official” thread appeared, and they might learn something from that thread!    Nevertheless, thanks for the “tip” suggesting I migrate here. 

This is such a lame “new” product I doubt I need to keep up with it, because it will be joining the WD Play’s fate soon.  Unfortunately, WD obviously  “lost the lease” on the Netflix license, so to continue making their media player, they apparently had to bring out this stop-gap Netflix-less unit, and even charge MORE for it.  Shame on WD.  This is not being marketed to folks who already have a WDTV  – the purpose of this product is so WD can continue marketing a media player to new adopters.  People who already have a WDTV want a significantly improved new product, and this isn’t it.

I got the email and was a bit curious. However, none of the press releases or emails say anything about what is actually different.

The only thing that sticks out is now this “new” device doesn’t support Netflix.

How can you release the same thing, at a higher price, with less features, and call it new?

It supports miracast and also it appears that you may be able to upload new apps.

duel007 wrote:

How can you release the same thing, at a higher price, with less features, and call it new?

It’s the retailers setting the price.   WD’s MSRP is actually $30 lower…

WD TV SMP:   $129 MSRP (Reported on Amazon, WD now selling for $89)   $79 Sale Price (on Amazon)

New WD TV:  $99 MSRP (Unreported, but that’s what WD sells it at)    $99 Sale Price (on Amazon)