I took delivery of my WDTV Media Player today. The firmware updated to version 2.01.86 (presumably the same that is in the SMP version) and I noticed that among the services Netflix is listed. I cant confrim that it was there in the previous firware as I updated it during the first system setup.


Correction: it seems that buying direct from the WD Store does not guarantee you will receive the product you ordered. It appears I have been sent the previous SMP… it does make you wonder how these companies survive…

I feel like a bloody ■■■■■ now. I received the e-mail announcing the new player and as mine is one of the first decided to update it with the new one. Clicking the buy now link took me to the US site, I am in denmark so changed location and bought the version that WD Store listed. I should have checked ! I incorrectly assumed the WD Store would be selling the newest version of their product. I was wrong, very wrong, the only one they have is the older SMP! I know that now…

It does appear that the European site is only selling the old live, with an option of different mains plugs.

I should have twigged when I saw the pricing.

The UK model is unavailable but priced at £84 on the UK site.

The continental plug version IS available (my downfall) but for €79 which = £64.

I paid in Danish Kroner, 428DKKr. which = £46.

Bizarre pricing. Now I know why they sold it at £46…

And these prices include free delivery from their base in Holland.


If you got the Gen3 then they gave you better than what you ordered.  The “new” model doesn’t have Netflix and from all other info, has no updated chipset or other features.  So really, it is lesser than the “Gen3” SMP.

I ordered mine on June, 1st from the German WD web store and received the latest player without Netflix but with Miracast support. Miracast was the main reason why I upgraded from my old WD TV player.

It seems that its available on some european sites but not the one tha covers “rest of europe” or in fact the UK site.

I did receive and e-mail from WD Customer Service apologising for the unavailability (?) of the new model but the curious thing is they said they are unable to say when it will be available for the rest of europe.

In the light of what I have read on the forum I am wondering if I should just keep it, I set it up and so far no major issues with it.