Difference between WD TV Live and WD TV?

I am looking to buy a WD TV (Live or not) and found this comparison on the homepage:


It would seem that the WD TV is a better player?

I don’t have access to Miracast but customizing the home screen sounds convenient. Are these the only 2 differences? Which player is newest and most likely to have the longest support?

Basically - which one should I get?

You missed that Netflix is not supported on WD TV, but is present on the WD TV Live.

The WD TV player is newer than the WD TV Live.

I certainly did miss that!

Well then, no point to even look at the WD TV as Netflix is a must.

Found this interesting information in smallnetbuilder wdtv review:

“The WD TV and the WD TV Live have the same FCC ID number so they share the same hardware. Only the firmware is different.”

Even if the hardware is identical, something tells me the firmwares are not interchangeble between the devices. That would be a too easy upgrade :slight_smile:

Maybe a good project for the mod squad - patch the WD TV firmware so it can be uploaded to a WD TV Live SMP.