New model announced, which are the differences?

Good old Google cache to the rescue:

Thanks, guys!

Glad the cache was still available, but the page actually scrolled down for a complete blurb with photos about this model (as there is for current model) but it basically said what the SMP says except for a sentence or two about having Miracast.  There was nothing else “new” mentioned.

Boy I hope this is a hoax.  No 5ghz and not much else.  Well if they fixed the networking and upgraded the processor that woudl be good.

Probably not a hoax, although it could be a modified version of SMP with Netflix removed and Miracast added.  They may not be aboe to sell new units going forward with Netflix included.  Just a guess on my part, here.

The New Player is listed on WDs Site…

Just called WD TV

No Netflix

Did I miss something?  What is the problem now between WD and Netflix?

Welcome to the crazy world of IP licensing!

BTW, I also don’t think it’s smart to have the “What it holds” table listed on the device’s specs page, given the fact it has no harddrive. I’m sure we’re gonna see more confusion about that just as with the new name.

And the Amazon listing is back now too…

Sorry WD, This is obviously a “stay alive” kind of product the WD marketing dept. demanded of engineering to have “something new” to sell NOW – even if it isn’t really new. It’s a WDTV Live with Miracast added; useful if one has an Android phone that can use it.  As for me, I just bought a new smartphone 3 weeks ago – an iPhone.  So, where is the iPhone app for this darn thing? (Oh yea, got to have an Apple TV; no thanks, never mind.)  Still have to use Twonky Beam.

Oh yes, and it appears developers can create apps for it similar to Roku’s channels.  Not holding my breath for them to out do Roku in this department any time soon.

So why should I buy one since it doesn’t offer much that the WDTV Live, OR my two Live Plus units do?   I shouldn’t, unless both my Live Plus units caught fire simutaneously, melted down, and there were not anymore new WD TV Lives around to buy at a reasonable price…(New Live Plus units are rare and grossly overpriced.)  I am going to wait until WD releases a truly and highly upgraded unit.

Amazon prices:  WDTV Live: $79.99; new WD TV $99.99, and new Live Plus: $199.99 (used $120)

Verdict:  disappointing.

I just got the announcement email: “New WD TV Media Player: Your entertainment just got personal!”.

Has anyone figured out what’s so “personal” about the WDBYMN0000NBK compared to WDBHG70000NBK?  I’m pretty sure they can update the firmware of the not so older model to include the “customizable home screen”.  The same probably goes for the miracast feature.  

Are they going to stop doing updates for the WDBHG70000NBK like they did the hub?  (I’m a little bitter about that.)  I recently bought a second WDBHG70000NBK to replace my hub since it has become so flaky and lacking in Netflix profiles with no update forthcoming.


Based on the articles I found on a Google search, no netflix, added miracast, and provides SDK.  Wait… whuh?  No Netflix?

I thought it used to be you just had to have enough users/buyers and they would let you have Netflix on your box?  What happened? The custom apps capability is very appealing but no Netflix, no way.

I have never been impressed with the Netflix operation of a WDTV, (or the insipid games included) and have continued to use the Netflix feature on my Roku.  Roku got it right the first time and with every update.  So loss of Netflix on a WDTV is not an issue for me.  Too bad for WDTV users, since I know many initially bought the WDTV just for Netflix!  The WDTV is still a great media player of personal video, music and photo files, though.

The absence of Amazon Prime on the newest WDTV is a mystery to me since it has been a highly requested feature to add.   No problem; Roku has this feature, too.

mike27oct wrote:


The absence of Amazon Prime on the newest WDTV is a mystery to me since it has been a highly requested feature to add.   No problem; Roku has this feature, too.

It is unlikely that Amazon will license Amazon Prime on any new device going forward, since they now have their own hardware.

Amazon Instant Video, on the other hand, is a different story, since that’s revenue from all sides.

Tony, I was referring to the combo Amazon Prime/Instant Video since we know Roku has them combined into the singular channel/app.  So, you are suggesting they could be broken apart and not always include Instant Video?  Is this being done already with some products?

They added Miracast and dumped Netflix?  Is that it?

And, added ability to create apps using the SDK.

I guess it is probably unlikely now that we will ever get the new Netflix interface on the SMP.

Strider_Nemesis wrote:

And the Amazon listing is back now too…

Yeah, and they already included the “(WDBYMN0000NBK-HESN)” in the product description cause they know there’s gonna be **bleep** of confusion. Why didn’t WD?

There is a new forum with a new thread, talk in this topic, thanks :wink: