Netflix and WDTV Live

Whose brilliant idea was it to put out a whole new device instead of adding netflix capability to the already network capable device.  Fire them.  I am really not happy about this.  I bought my device maybe 6 months ago when a netflix capable device wasn’t available yet assuming if it came to any of them it would be the top of the line model WDTV Live.  And i followed shortly and read it was coming, now i go to recommend this product to my dad who is looking for a device that does all this stuff and low and behold there is a whole new “plus” device with netflix capability.  Can a community manager confirm if this will come to WDTV live firmware or if us who bought live are just screwed for netflix capability.  Because i will not be buying another device just for netflix.

Go find the (many) other discussions about this.  We don’t need a whole new thread to beat an already dead horse.

It has been REPEATEDLY stated in this and other forums that the LIVE will NOT support Netflix.  The Live+ is a hardware change that was required by NETFLIX Corporation.  Take your anger out on them.

Now, if NetFlix decides to change THEIR requirements for the hardware providers, it could possibly happen, but not until then…

Total BS.

I have read many posts in the past about hacked firmwares that support netflix, but i never used them because i prefer to stay legit.  PErhaps ill look into them now.  Because stating that the hardware doesn’t support it when people already do it on a live device is a total crock of ■■■■ corporate BS to make more money.

Don’t be mad.  Netflix doesn’t really work right on the Live Plus anyway.  I have both (actually 3, the original wdtv as well).

Well i just found out my wii supports netflix now, guess i have a reason to use it now.  Thanks anyway WD

Jigsaw wrote:

I have read many posts in the past about hacked firmwares that support netflix.

Horsecrap.  You’ve heard NO SUCH THING.

Beside, what you’re suggesting is that WD should be illegitimate and make something available that NetFlix has disallowed. 

horsecrap??  I had a conversation with a friend of mine online who had WDTV live when it first came out, he can watch netflix on his.  Call him a liar i really don’t care, but i’ve read about it in multiple places.

Jigsaw wrote:

horsecrap??  I had a conversation with a friend of mine online who had WDTV live when it first came out, he can watch netflix on his.  Call him a liar i really don’t care, but i’ve read about it in multiple places.

He probably streamed netflix to it using something like playon.

I dunno anyway topic ended.  Ill just watch it on the wii.

Jigsaw wrote:

horsecrap?  …i’ve read about it in multiple places.

You said it was BS that NetFlix requires a specific hardware to approve it.  You’ve provided no evidence to support your claim other than “I’ve heard about it.”  That’s why I say it’s horsecrap.   If you read that a new coffee maker could could spin liquid gold, would you then demand Mr. Coffee to live up to that?  You’re just silly.

Well, looks like Netlix is coming in the fall…So now everyone can buy the same WD LIVE with a plus to get it. :dizzy_face:

Mon 19th Jul 2010,

Call in the Mounties because Canada is about to get flooded with something that heretofore has only been available in the United States of America - Netflix instant streaming.

Even though they are just a few miles away, our cousins to the north have been slighted by US-based digital video services. Digital download venues like the PS3 and Xbox 360 video stores, Vudu, and Amazon Video on Demand had been notorious for blocking Canadian users from their services because of complicated legal issues.

Even as Hulu begins to offer a premium Hulu Plus service in the US, Canadians still can't access regular Hulu, not even if they want to watch a special about Canadian maple pie.

It certainly wasn't an easy process for Netflix. The company has been in business for 10 years and is just now able to expand beyond the US border. The new expansion will only apply to streaming videos; Canadians will still not be able to participate in Netflix's DVD-by-mail program.

All of the programs are currently only available in English, but French language options will be rolld out "over time," according to Netflix's statement. Canada's dual-language provision has been one of the biggest hassles for digital video providers.

Netflix currently has 13 million active subscribers in the US, where unlimited streaming video fees begin at $8.99 per month. However, that includes the ability to rent DVDs through the mail. Netflix did not announce pricing details for its upcoming Canadian service.

With cheap prescription drugs AND Netflix streaming, Canada is now looking like a pretty nice place to live.

Netflix coming to Canada, launching this fall
Jul 19, 2010

Netflix has announced that it will introduce a streaming-only service for Canadian residents to watch unlimited movies and TV shows for a monthly fee.

According to a company press release, the Canadian operation, which is set to launch in the fall, will be the first of several international Websites that Netflix intends to launch in the coming months. While the cost of the service and its launch date have not yet been revealed, interested users are encouraged to sign up for e-mail notifications when more information becomes available.

Unlike its American counterpart, the Canadian Netflix service will not offer customers the opportunity to rent physical media. Although the company has not provided an explanation on why this is the case, it is likely for two reasons. First, not having a physical presence in Canada will limit operating expenses and make it easier to extend the service to other foreign markets.

In addition, Netflix may want to avoid having to comply with Canadian content laws, which are well-known (at least among Canadians) for imposing strict requirements on the proportion of Canadian content that is made available through the media. That’s in addition to international copyright arrangements, which often cause programming to be available on Canadian networks at different times than their American counterparts.

Like its U.S. cousin, will work on both PCs and Macs, as well as on the licensed devices designed to support the company's streaming technology.