No more support for WD live streaming?

I recently received a survey from WD asking for feedback on the features I want for the next WD streaming box. I am assuming new device is coming out and current WD live tv is not supported anymore. Plus firmware hasn’t updated for a half a year. This will be my last WD product.

The WD TV Live Streaming is already superseded by the WD TV. It looks exactly the same apart from not having “Live” on the front and appears to have same functionality as Live apart from Netflix support. I suspect it is exactly the same hardware underneath and was created for licensing reasons. It has the same bugs in the firmware too, but they had an update late last year. We are still awaiting ours.

At some ppooint WD will stop issueing fixes to a dead product. But this has not been confirmed for the Live …yet. I suspect it is only a matter of doing a trivial build from the WD TV firmware code base. If this could be one that just fixes bugs and no new features I would be happy. But if we are left hanging on a slightly brocken last firmware then I think u can justifiably complain to them - as we all are if u fill in the survey. I luv it but with the last firmware I just cannot recomend this to friends as it stands - but as u cant buy the Live and the available WD TV has fixes then point does become moot!

So we are all in limbo until we are told we are dead or given a breath of new life with some new firmware.

As the forums were reorganised and the Live Streamin section remains, I suspect WD still intend to support us at some level. Whether that includes new firmware for us may depend on all sorts of external issues, like paying the external contractors doing the software.

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Thank you for the reply! I definitely agree with you! I just couldn’t believe I was receiving surveys when the current wd live tv I own is having issues with the last firmware. 

The strange thing is the WD Live or current WD TV still seems to be the best device if u want to play as wide a range of videos/music off local media or over the network despite its age. The newer kids on the block are concentrating on Apps over the internet with box subsidies because u are tied to their supply of media (Apple, Google, Amazon).

The fact that your box can be brought to its knees, well maybe an occasional trip, months or years after u bought it by some new firmware giving u features u never expected but also introducing bugs in the existing core functionality, is an increasing problem for networked devices.

If WD do leave the firmware for the WD Live in this state when they have fixed (I guess?) the same bugs on the current WD TV would be … poor to say the least. Perhaps we should start begging?.. “Please sir. Can I have some more firmware”, as we hold out bowl out in our hands :wink:

As for that survey, if they really have no idea where to go with their media streaming in a box product range then maybe they could just concentrate on fixing the current (and last) one before we can all afford the 4K TV and the 4K WD box to go with it!