Netflix Issues

So, I’ve had some crappy luck with my WDTV Live Plus. I finally got it connected wirelessly to my network (sigh), but now I can not even see the Netflix Menu on any of the menus for the WDTV. I’ve seen tutorials stating that it’s under the Video menu… not mine. Any help would be much appreciated, I feel like blowing my brains out. And, yes, I updated the firmware. Please help!!! 

Look under the Internet menu.

The Internet Media Menu? Or Network Setting Menu… either way, it’s not under any of them.

If you have the latest firmware its under  Internet Media along with youtube, flickr, blockbuster etc.

Are you sure you have a WDTV Live plus?

Have you ever had Netflix?

What firmware is on your WDTV? How did you update the firmware, via a USB flash drive or over the network.

Yes, I’m positive it’s a WDTV Live Plus, the box says it is- as does the device on the model sticker. Yes I’ve had Netflix… used with PS3, so I’m aware of how it works. The firmware states its: 1.04.17_V

Any ideas? BTW, thanks for responses.

You know what? I’m thinking some jerk-off bought the plus and returned their WDTV Live in the Plus box… I’m checking.

_V is NOT a Live PLUS.   _V is a LIVE.

Yep… I’m taking it back. These people went as far as to change the model sticker on the box. Ugh! Thanks again for your help!

This looks like the right topic in the right forum don’t usually post on these type of forums so excuse me if i fop…to the issue i have a wd tv live plus unit just bought all the features work great except netflix, i have done a firmware update, i can access the netflix ques the movie appears to load then begins to play then all i get is snow.

Any ideas?