New drive failed, with click sound

The drive was purchased in december as a back-up emergency drive. when i wanted to use it today it started giving me click sound and doesn’t start. Seems to be dead drive case. Please raise a RMA ticket for the same. Also tried to do it in your process but the address in your records is wrong. and unable to add new address into it since as discussed in many forums your website is broke.

I’ve already raised a support request for it(Case #021017-11791146), Could you please check and update my details?


Hey there, Rajesh.

I’m really sorry to hear about the issues you’ve been experiencing.

Your ticked will be reviewed and addressed by the appropriate team and we’ll come back to you as soon as we can.
It was good thinking of you to open a Customer Support case, having in mind the problem with the RMA ticket you’re having.

Please let me know if there’s still no answers after a couple of days.