Oppinion on WD Red WD40EFRX noises


When I came back from a small coffee break this afternoon, my PC felt a little bit unresponsive. Tried to open a text file in Notepad++ and the program crashed (welll…it didn’t crash; it went full zombie mode…couldn’t even stop it via the Task Manager).

After a while I noticed that one drive didn’t respond anymore. It was still in the list, so I assume it was - sort of - working when I started the PC in the morning.

Long story short: can you tell me what you think of the repeating noise in the video here?

(yes, it is in a external USB bay, but just for recording purposes; it’s usually properly mounted in a PC case)

“she ded”


Yes dead sound drive…

If you want to try to retrieve your data go in the freezer (protected inside a ESD bag) and try to start the drive when it’s cold.

Yes, I read about this, but then the noise changed from that which you can hear in the video to a clicking noise. And then I must have forgotten about the freezer method and sent the drive away for the RMA. It was just a backup drive, but a few files were lost. But since I couldn’t get it to run, I don’t know what exactly was on it. Bugger. Maybe next time. Although I hope there will be no next time soon.