Is my Western Digital Caviar Blue WD6400AAKS 640GB Failing?

Today I went to restart my PC and when I did at boot I heard a Click, Click, Click then Vista loaded but I couldn’t click on anything. I was able to restart through a keyboard shortcut but when it loaded again I heard Click, Click, Click and then another Click, Click, Click then So I rebooted again and this time got Vista Boot Manager screen. When Vista loaded it pretty much froze and I had to do a Hard Boot. Again I got the Click, Click, Click, Pause, Click, Click, Click on Boot then Vista Boot Manager Screen and this time Vista loaded and it didn’t freeze but I had some ghosting going on. I immediately backed up my drive to my External. As I was able to only right click  at firstonly and used Terracopy to copy everything over to my other WD drive.This took awhile but after it was done. Vista seem to acting fine like nothing happened. I since then rebooted 3 times and no clicking noise and it boots strait into Vista now.

I Also ran Data Life Guard quick test and it past.

I bought this drive 3/29/10 so it’s still under warranty but I never done a RMA and I don’t know if this means the drive is failing something got stuck and is now unstuck or if it just one of those odd things that happen and the drive is ok.

 Any help or insight into what could of happened is much appreciated.

This is the second time I had this particular drive model act up. The first one from the Gateway failed 14 days out of warranty but this one is from Newegg and came with a 3 year limited warranty.

yup its failing

you have been lucky this time… 

It’s now clicking or I should say Clunking every fews seconds if I put my ear to my PC I can hear it.

It’s a different sound then when the drive is accessed.

So I guess my question is can I RMA now or do I need to wait for it to fail?

I’ve never RMA a drive before.They ususally go after the warranty expired.

All tests I ran came back fine but clicking was not there till yesterday.

No longer doing the 3 clicks thing at boot but clicking pretty constant now.

You would think the tests woud pick something up. :frowning:

Char74, You do not need to wait for the drive to fail, contact WD support and replace the drive.

To Contact WD for Technical Support