Help with non-working Western Digital Caviar Green WD20EARS HD

This drive came in a WD external enclosure and feel from the top of a desktop tower to the table top and now does not work. I have even pulled the hd out of the enclosure and plugged it directly into a SATA onboard controller and the BIOS does not even detect the drive. This makes me feel that it is an electronics issue. Is there some way I can verify that is or isn’t? I really don’t see any thing that stands out on the pcb board.

Looking for suggestions on what to do.


It is not making any noise? It is not vibrating?

Try fzabkar , he is our resident drive genius…

No, no noise at all and no vibration either.

Ok, I put this into another external case and then turned it on and put my ear on the hd and I can hear the hd come on and start spinning, but no clicking of any kind. Windows 7 does a pop and shows WD20EARS hd found and I can see it under Control Panel, Device Manager, but it does not show up under My Computer or Windows Explorer.

So, from here, is there anyway to access the hd or pull the data off?