New 3tb My Cloud to iPhone 6 Music Buffering

New to using the My Cloud, and not very tech savvy, so please keep it simple…

Bought the 3 tb My Cloud and put about 5000 songs on it to be used with my iPhone 6 16gb.  I am having issues when I play the songs with too many pauses for buffering.

Is there something I can do to improve this?  I have the My Cloud directly connected into my home router.  I use it because I travel for a living and I am away from home a lot.  Phone is on wifi - any help is appreciated.

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Are you using the wd my cloud remote app to access the music?

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Hi alirz1, thanks for the reply. Yes I am using the My Cloud app to access it

when you say phone is on wifi do you mean you are trying this at home with the phone and mycloud on the same LAN?

if this is remote what is your upload speed at home? not rated but measured at different times of day with somthing like

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Are you trying to stream from within your local LAN, over cellular data or a remote Wifi?

Also, what type of connection has your drive established to the WD server? Does it say something like"relay connection" or “port forwarding” connection?

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I am away from my home on a separate wifi network, connecting to My Cloud at my house on my home’s network.
I am not sure what the upload speed is at my house, also not sure what type of connection has been established on it.

Just wondering if I was doing everything right (using the app, etc)

Are you thinking it is a problem with the speed of my home connection?

Thank you!

not sure but the speed needs to be measured, many providers have very low upload speed and actualy could even be lower then advertised