Cannot play music using my phone app

For the longest time now I haven’ t been able to play a full song using the MyCLoud app on my phone while I’m at work.

I select the album/song I want to hear.  It loads up, the artwork appears, the song begins then it stops/starts, stops/starts then finally stops.  I try it all day long and the same thing.  I’ve unistalled/reinstalled the app and I’m still having the problem.  This is the only reason why I purchased the MyCloud so I can have access to all of my music whenever I want.  This only applies to my phone app.  Everything works just fine on my laptop while at home near the device.

Is there a known problem?  Any advice?


What’s the data uplink uplink rate of your broadband service at home, and downlink rate to your phone at work?

What connection are you using on your phone? Mobile data or WiFi?

What type of music file are you trying to play? FLAC or MP3?

This sounds like the classic ‘buffering’ problem because the link cannot transfer data fast enough.

check your buffer size and you might even clear out the buffers while you doing so. Also check how much memory your phone has left just in case the buffer cannot actually allocate that much space…