WD My Cloud 2TB / File Tranfers Extremely Slow or Stops

I figure I would post some needed help here.

I own the WD My Cloud 2TB model. All firmware is updated and has been working pretty good until last week. I had 2 folders in the main root. One is for all the family cell phones photos and video uploads and the other is my personal backup and media streams.

My audio collection has been stored in one of the drive and hitting over 32k in songs. (audio collector)
I made a new root folder…just called Music. Now through Windows 10. All I have been trying to do is transfer folder to folders. I am grabbing about 3Gig of data at a time. Copy/Paste and now it takes up to 5hrs!??.. At times it even stops and and says drive is not available, click to continue and it would start again, slowly.

My connections are wired. The WD is connected into the Xfinity Router (cicso). Right now I am watching the drive transfer from 0kb to 1.51 mb max…

Help if you can.

@DJ_Hot_Wheel Do you own a My Cloud Home or a My Cloud? Learning Center

This sub-forum is for the My Cloud Home.

My Cloud, owned it for about 4 years now.

I tried reaching out to Xfinity just to see if their router is to blame. Since I am copy/paste though windows which passes through the router to the MyCloud. Xfinity was no help on tech support. So, I did a hard reset of the router and the cloud. Now data is moving much much faster. I have about 25gig of data to go still. Since the drive cannot copy my collection of audio twice. I have to copy/paste in batches and delete the first file. After a good 5gig transfer it does slow to 0mb to 7mb speed max. This is something I only plan on doing 1 time. Still dont understand why it slows after 15 minutes or so.