Streaming High Quality Spotify/Music

I don’t have a lot of space on my laptop, however I do have plenty on the MyCloud. I was wondering if it would be a good idea to download all my Music on Spotify, or Music in general and just stream it from my NAS? That way I won’t have to keep the Music on every device I want to listen on.

My concerns are that there would be a bit of lag when playing the Music, as the NAS would encrypt the connection?

Has anyone tried this or can confidentally say that it’d work as well as having downloaded the Music on every device?



All my music is stored on my NAS; That’s what I bought it for.  I have 1.6TB of music, stored as FLAC files.

I use MediaMonkey on my PC to manage the library, and play music when I’m working on the PC (on my local network).

For tablets and media box, I use UPnP apps to access the Twonky media server on the NAS to play music (on my local network).

I don’t access my NAS remotely.  If this is what you want to do, you need to ensure your broadband uplink rate can support your media; mine isn’t good enough to support my FLAC audio.

Why not just try it?

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 I use the IOS app to play music from my iPhones LTE 4g connection.   I have only really played .mp3 files.  The mycloud app on the iphone stinks really…  It will play the next music file in order you have them on your mycloud.   Its pretty slow and clunky at times making it not worth it.  I cant stream spotify 320kb/s over the same LTE 4g connection so its not the speed of my AT&T service.   

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hi, there are actually several apps for iphone atleast that allow you to stream music/videos  from your WD to a wireless enabled TV or surround system. 

Im quite happy about the performance. Here’s my setup. 

  1. WD mycloud 3 TB drive. 

  2. Belkin Gigabit Wireless Router

  3. EZCast Dongle for making my TV wireless

  4. Following IOS apps - Buzzplayer, Mediaconnect, Fusion Stream, The inbuilt IOS music player, 8tracks for streaming online music onto your TV speakers or wireless sound system

I’ve rarely faced problems with latency or lag of any kind. You have to ensure simply two things, 1. make sure you have a good router, 2. make sure while you are streaming video’s, no one else hogs the bandwidth. 

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