New 2.10.302 Firmware and other stuff

I have two EX2s. One came with 1.05.36 and the other with 2.10.302 firmware.

I instantly noticed that LED lights work differently. With the old firmware lights are ON if unit is ON.

And if unit is asleep only one light is ON and it is slowly blinking and it blinks itself to nothing.

With the new firmware all lights are ON and if  unit is asleep only the top LED is slowly blinking and it doesn’t blink itself to nothing which is very confusing. First of all I don’t need extra illumination in my office from the bright LED lights. Second of all I can’t tell when the unit is asleep.

So I called tech support and spoke with at least 3 technicians. One of them was the second level. All of them told me that there is no way to go back to older firmware. When I got my first unit over a month ago it even had older firmware than the latest 1.05.36 so I had to download the new one 1.05.36. So I had it on my hard drive.

Guess what? All 3 techs lied to me. Old 3 of them told me that the unit will not let me install old firmware.

I successfully installed old firmware on both units yesterday. so now lights are working like I want them to work.

Of course WD does not have old firmware on their site anymore so I got lucky.

Now for the other stuff. For the life of me I can’t find the fan that is supposedly build in to the unit. Even when it runs at 10000 rpm (in control panel) I can’t hear it. I am wondering if WD tech lied to me about that too. There is no space for the fan in the unit. Does anyone know the location of it?

The fan is behind front panel of the device. You can see it, if you look through the holes at the bottom.

Also you can find a picture of disassembled EX2 in Google.

It is small, so it doesn’t produce much noise when it works.

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I’m sorry you feel you have been lied to, but It’s possible WD Support meant rolling back the firmware is not possible because it’s not supported, and as such there’s no warranted/guaranteed procedure. While advanced Users have been able to discover different ways to use SSH, this is beyond the scope of WD Support. 


Take a look at the thread linked regarding the EX2 Fans.  There are mor than 100 responses, with over 6400 views, spanning more than a year.  The “fan issue” is probably one of the most talked about complaints for the EX2.

I returned my first EX2 becuase the unit would get very hot and performance would drop (not sure why), and the fan would never activate.  I now belive the fan would have activated at some higher temperature, but I didn’t want to place my EX2 in an oven to test.  Well I eventually returned that EX2 and purchased another … same issue.  So when the WD customer servcie person originally said my first EX2 was defective, they were probably wrong because my second EX2 also seems to never activate the fan, plus all the other comments in the thread listed below have swayed my thoughts.  For over a year EX2 owners have asked for a setting in the UI to control when the fan activates, but WD has not responded or given us that feature request.

I “downgraded” to 1.05.36 because firmware 2.10.302 is simply not worth the hassle.

So I talked to tech support again. I could swear it was the same guy who I talked to originally. He told me that even with the new FW the lights are the same and i want it changed in the future I need to voice my complaint here which I did many months ago and nothing changed. So now it came to full circle. I complaint others complaint and nothing happens. I guess WD engineers don’t give a ■■■■.