Need to downgrade firmware

Hi there,

i’ve had enough of the latest firmware after only a couple of days!

Firmware update 2.10.302 is terrible, and that’s being polite! My WD ex2 has been running great with no problems for months, turning on every morning at 8:00am and turning off at 11:00pm without a hitch. My alert emails were working perfectly, and the lights on the front all made sense.

Now the power schedule settings are terrible to use and we’re all screwed up, my alert emails have stopped working and the blue blazing front lights are now a joke!

I want to downgrade to the firmware version before 2.10.302 asap, so if anybody can tell me how it can be done and where I can get the previous firmware from I’d be really grateful. The sooner I get rid of this “upgrade” the better.

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Get it here:

Download and unzip it if your browser doesn’t already do that, and use the GUI to load the file.

I prefer to turn off auto-update in the settings.

Hi SimonM,

Many thanks for pointing that out to me. I’ve downloaded the firmware and will get it installed.

So all i do now is go to settings>Firmware Update then Manual Update, Update From a File?

I’ve just found another post where the guys said:

“”““WARNING””“”" I recently downgraded to this Firmware as well, but in doing so I was not able to login to my Main menu interface (UI). To Fix this I removed both of my hard drives (To ensure files were not harmed) and did a reset on my WD EX2. I heald in the reset for around 40 seconds or so.

Will i have to do the same thing?

I’ve turned off auto updates now, wish I’d done that before everything got messed up.

Kindest Regards


I downgraded this 3 times already. I dont like the new firmware at all. First the LEDS are always BLUE and the Power Schedule are just messed up.

Settings>Firmware Update then Manual Update, Update From a File > My_Cloud_KC2A_1.05.36.bin

I am wondering if I am upgrading or downgrading the firmware and the power fails, Am I going to lose my data??

Thats it. I will wait for the next update.

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I was the original poster of that Warning. Just be careful. Also if you downgrade I found out you cannot use it requires the update to access your files. Good luck!

I too need to downgrade, but my EX2 is now running 2.10.310 and the manual firmware update button is now MISSING!!! from the new GUI.

How do I downgrade my EX2 to 1.05.36 when EVERYTHING I needed worked perfectly and now doesn’t!

Thank you.

Thanx for tips. Just downgrade to 1.05.36.