LEDs always lit now?

So yesterday I upgraded the firmware on my EX2 to .142. First time I’ve done an upgrade in a while, so it probably bumped me up a few versions.

Now I notice that my drive LEDs are not going out, while the power light is slowly pulsing - I think it’s sleeping, since I can’t hear drives spinning, but why are the lights still lit? Bright enough in my house overnight, WD!

Is it possible to revert to older firmware to resolve this?

No, sorry, You cannot. WD don’t give the possibility to revert/rollback the firmware.
And yes, you have now a new “lamp” for your house, thanks to WD :disappointed:

one if the things I do with the LED lights is take some black electrical tape and make a small hole in the tape. The size of the hole can change to give the amount of light you want.

If you match the tape color to the case it will still look spiffy.

I still like green or red lights at night and not the bright blue

Sadly it has been that way for months now and WD point blank refuse to do anything about it. Clearly it is the “pet feature” of someone internal to WD and they are loathe to accept that is universally hated by us customers.

One of the several reasons I sent my personal EX2 (I’ve another at work which will stay until it is replaced with a QNAP) back for a refund as “not fit for purpose”.

Stupid, stupid feature.

Absolutely dumb that the LEDs are lit when the drives are sleeping - what’s the point of having them lit up when they are??

So where might I find the firmware revision prior to this “improvement” and some instructions on how to downgrade?

Just amazing . . . one of the things they’ve managed to do right from the beginning, and they just couldn’t leave it alone. I’ve still not upgraded to 2.x in large part due to this poorly thought out LED change. Well done WD, way to stick to your guns and see now many more customers you can lose.

Can I just put some electrical tape over the LED? The lights are driving my wife nuts!!

Of course. See posts above.

Is there not an option (I think under utilities in the dashboard) to turn off the LED’s?
There used to be in OS/3.
(and the OS/5 options are not THAT different - - I have not had an OS/5 machine up and running for over a year. . .so I can’t check)