LEDs Ultra EX2 after upgrading to 2.21.117

Perhaps the fact that LEDs are hard drives now on all the time (despite turning them off in settings) is the quintessential bug this new version ???

Engineers definitely have the worst of all companies, both hardware and software for

Same problem here :frowning:

Sad to say but anyone who has or has had an EX2 will tell you that there is someone within WD who LOVES all the LEDs being on all the time even in powersave!

This “feature” was introduced with the 2.xx.xxx firmware on the EX2 and was instantly hated by everyone, yet WD have flat refused to change it. It must be some WD person’s pet “improvement” for it to survive so much outright rejection and hatred from PAYING CUSTOMERS! One of the (several) reasons my own personal EX2 went back as “not fit for purpose” and a full refund. The one I have at work is clinging on my it’s fingernails. Once I have the budget to replace it with a QNAP that EX2 is going in the bin.

Yeah, I’ve reverted the firmware back to the previous release to allow me to turn off the drive lights. It’s a pain as I get regular notifications that there is a firmware upgrade available. They can f*ck right off though; this firmware works well enough for me, the new one doesn’t.

The inability to turn off the drive lights anymore with the new firmware has also discouraged a couple of my friends from buying EX2 Ultras in the last couple of days, primarily because I had to admit to them that I didn’t believe WD would restore that functionality any time soon, if at all.

I think it’s time to write a frank review on Amazon.com.

@ruairi: If/when you write that amazon review, please post back here that you have done so, so that I can upvote your review. This issue still completely puzzles me how WD is ignoring to change it back. I too have had to steer a number of friends/family away from WD NASs. I wish someone had steered me away.