First look at 2.10.310

Ah yes, 2.10.310…

First off, why when there is a firmware update does the EX2 go through registering the product again?

Second, why no fix for the ridiculous behaviour of the drive LEDs during power save?


Thanks for bringing your concern to us. We have passed this for further investigation.

Does resetting the unit makes any changes on the lights?

Here seems that the solutions about all problems is RESET THE DEVICE…
There are a klot of problems that WD ignored and they are all explained in this forum:

lights red
ADS won’t work
E-mail notifications won’t work

I’m wondering if u read the forum or just ignoring the user’s notifications

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Sounds like a stock response to me too Simone. I for one am beginning to wish I’d bought a QNap or Synology NAS instead.

that’s right, i’ve done a mistake buying a WD… support is terrible, WD should continue to make HDD only

I’ll stay on firmware 1.05.36, until this will be fixed.
There is nothing new for me on OS3 version except fast working GUI, and it is the last feature that i need.

And as for me EX2 is:

  • small and good looking;
  • there is no that annoying FAN hum, when device works;
  • it has Twonky, Transmission and all other features, that I need for home;
  • it can be used from the box;
  • it is not so expensive, as Synology, and not so cheap (in all meanings) as Qnap.

So it is quite good for home use.
I don’t like only the new firmware with its LED behaviour and all other bugs, that described in this community.


Take a look at this Idea posted by @Felix_The_Cat . I recommend you vote by hitting the “like” button.


The following KBA’s may assist with your BLUE/RED LED questions.

The front Hard Drive LED on a My Cloud Mirror or My Cloud EX2 remains solid blue

The front LED on a My Cloud Mirror or My Cloud EX2 displays solid red

Samuel Brown

Sorry Samuel,

but we are not arguing that the new LED behaviour is not “in line” with new firmware, so there is no point to address us to KB.

We are saying that the new LED behaviour is irrational and should be restored to old 1.05.36 FW behaviour, with LED 1 and 2 OFF during stby.

WD should listen requests on forum. The new 2.10 FW is a stumble (and not only for LEDs) !!! :angry:



We are saying that the new LED behavior is irrational and should be
restored to old 1.05.36 FW behavior, with LED 1 and 2 OFF during stby.

The feedback provided has been escalated to the appropriate parties within our organization.

Samuel Brown


A month later WD at last understood, what exactly we want. :joy:

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One of the community mods escalated this issue to WD Support. Since then I’ve had a few emails, the first pointing me to the KB, the next accepting our point of view, then a THIRD again pointing me to the KB outlining the new behaviour, again!

So I’ve done another “self-escalation” stating in no uncertain terms:

“Yes we KNOW what the KB says about the new behaviour. We just hate it! We want the old behaviour back. It is simply incongruous to have a so-called power save sleep mode with all the LEDs ON”.

Me thinks the bright spark who thought up the “new behaviour” doesn’t want his/her pet feature canned. Well WE DO!

Maybe WD could post a list of what “improvements” they are proposing for future updates to gauge feedback before implementing them. I’m still struggling to understand why they changed what was perfectly logical behaviour for the LEDs.

Here are two more issues to add to the list, one of which was also present in 2.10.302:

  1. Spelling errors in the system log “Nov” appears as “Mov”
  2. NAS to USB backups don’t work when using COPY mode. It says the backup is running but after a few hundred MB (or 15/20 mins I couldn’t be bothered to do WD’s testing for them!) all activity on the EX2 drive lights stops and the external USB drive even goes to sleep. It SEEMS to work if the backup mode is set to SYNCHRONISE. The user interface of Backup is pretty dire in this situation. No real detail on the progress of a backup, no backup “logs” (at least in dashboard) and stopping the backup which has already stalled doesn’t exactly inform as to what it is doing - just the silly “barber’s pole” type effect where the terrible backup progress bar was.