New 12 tb gdrive - Mac - Erase + reconfigure as raid 1 6tb x 2

Hi, Thanks for taking a sec.
Just purchased a new 12tb gdrive.

My goal is to configure it for Mac, Raid 1(mirrored), where by I would have 6tb available for editing with Adobe Premiere.

Can anyone point me to instructions on how to achieve this?

  • I’ve made several attempts but each time I see a singular drive icon on the desktop that shows up as 12tb available.
    (I’ve follow the instructions here.)

Any help or insight would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,


We have a couple of different types of G-RAIDs. Which one in particular did you purchase? Please provide the P/N: It will start with a 0G0.

Also which version of the Mac OS are you using currently?

Hi, thanks so much for your fast reply.
It’s this one here.

It seems it came configured for Raid 0.

How do I Raid 1 - 6tb x 2?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Os 10.10

10.10.5 actually…


You will need to download our G-RAID configurator on our site here: G-RAID Configurator

Once installed you will be able to convert the RAID from 0 to 1 and use it as a mirror. After it has been converted to 1 you will need to go into the Disk Utility to erase the drive. Once that has been done the drive will mount and be usable as a RAID 1 mirror and be 6TB of space.

Hi, thanks for your reply.

I downloaded and installed configurator.
I went through the set up process for Raid 1
It began to work and then I received a message, disk not ejected properly(I think - I did not touch anything on the drive or computer/mac)
The drive is not on the desktop.
The light on the front continues to flash.
I tried to relaunch the configurator but it stays on the screen…
“Searching for Compatible G-technology storage systems…”

Please help.

Thank you,

Those are supposed to happen. It won’t show on the desktop, that is why I mentioned going to the Disk Utility to erase the drive.

After you convert the RAID it no longer has a partition or format on it. It will not mount until it does, Go to Disk Utility, select the 6TB drive and erase it. It will then mount and be usable.

Hi, I’ve restarted and was able to erase it in disk utility.

It is now showing up as 1 icon on the desktop with 6 tb available.

Do I need to do anything else or is the configuration complete?

Can you please point me to instructions to access the backup data should I need to in the future or any other information so I know how to salvage data if this becomes corrupt?

Thanks for your help & patience,

The configuration is done, there is nothing left to do.

There is no backup data. The mirror works in the sense that as you write to the drive it is written to both simultaneously at all times. If one drives fails the other takes over and it able to be continually used.

Okay - I understand now.

Thank you!!!

@Yohan_Aton - I’d like to add to the fantastic post by @Rydia above - please keep in mind that a RAID is NOT a backup. It’s redundancy. There are things that can happen that could take out both drives (for example lets say there was an earthquake) so you should always keep a second copy of any important data somewhere - offsite if at all possible.