12tb G-Raid, out of the box, won't setup as Raid 1, grayed out, Mac Sierra

I just purchased a 12tb G-Raid drive and am using Sierra with a MacBook Pro. I see the drive in Disk Util, open Raid Assistant and try to choose Raid 1 and it won’t allow me to, the option ‘Next’ is grayed out. Do I need to partition the drives first? Mike. After further exploration I think it’s showing up as a Non-Raid drive…I thought it was Raid-0 out of the box? Can anyone help?


Which particular drive did you purchase? We have a few different types of G-RAIDs. If you got the unit with Thunderbolt and USB 3.0 then you need the configurator to change the RAID policy. Out of the box all of our G-RAIDs are indeed RAID0.

The RAID Assistant in Disk Utility is only for software RAID devices. Only the G-RAID w/ Thunderbolt ONLY is a software RAID device. All our other G-RAIDs are hardware RAID.

I have the same issue. I have used the G-Tech utility to reconfigure to Raid 1. The instructions then lead you to initalize your disk and to follow the clear instructions to do so in Disk Utility. However there are no clear instructions to initialize (my disk is currently not showing on my desktop, FYI). So, I chose Raid Assistant under File and this takes me to a window to change from Raid 0 to Raid 1, but when I select my drive to do so, the Next button is grayed out. I suspect this is not the pathway to take and this is what you mean by hardware versus software RAID devices.

But what DO I have to do to initialize my drive?

You just select the drive and click Erase, type in a name you want to call your drive. Use the default options for format and partition scheme and click Erase. You do not use the RAID assistant.

Thank you. I’ll see if that works. Would be great if that level of guidance could make its way into the manual!

HI, I am having the same issue. I purchased a G RAID with Thunderbolt and I am unable to convert it to RAID 1. What are the steps I need to take to convert it to RAID 1. Thank you!


If you are having the same issues, this forum post also gave the full instructions on how to finalize the process. After it has been converted with the configurator you will need to erase it in the Disk Utility.

If you are still having issues for some reason beyond what is outlined here than please call in to our support. 888.426.5214