Converting RAID 0 to RAID 1

I purchased the G RAID 8 TB with Thunderbolt drive. MY OS is High Sierra and I am working off a MacPro. When I attempt to convert the from RAID 0 to RAID 1, I cannot progress in the RAID Assistant. It won’t allow me to, the option ‘Next’ is grayed out. What is the process for converting this disk to RAID 0 to RAID 1?

Thank you!

You don’t use the RAID Assistant to convert the RAID. The device you purchased is a hardware RAID device. The RAID Assistant in Disk Utility is for software RAIDs.

You need our configurator software here: G-RAID Configurator

This is the same instructions I posted in the other thread you posted in.

Thanks to caterineb for the thread and Rydia for the post. This addresses my exact issue. I had bounced from thinking that my new G04085 is hardware RAID; to downloading a G-RAID utility that told me that, on a Mac, it is software RAID instead; to failing with software RAID; to finding a forum post that said that software RAID requires Thunderbolt; to buying the needed Thunderbolt connection adapter to plug into my new iMac; to having software RAID fail again; to finding this post, which finally got me going.