Difficulty RAIDing New G-Raid on Macbook

I have a 16Tb G-Raid with Thunderbolt and I’d like to convert it to Mirrored RAID1.

It’s attached to a Macbook Pro.

When I run Disk Utility>File>RAID Assistant>Mirrored , the utility sees the drive but ‘Next’ is greyed out and I can’t proceed. I’m guessing it should be seeing two 8Tb drives. Can you advise what I’m doing wrong?


The drive you have is not a software RAID device, you don’t RAID it in Disk Utility. It is a self contained hardware RAID. If you want to change it to a mirror you need to use our RAID configurator device.

Ok, I’m confused because this is the instruction on your support page:

I’ve run the Configurator, but the app cannot find the device.

The drive for some reason is called ‘Untitled’. Please help.

Please call in to our support so you can be walked through and we can get to the bottom of the issue. There seems to be confusion as to exactly what device you have. 888.426.5214 in the US

I think I now have the correct software to mirror my G-Raid with Thunderbolt which is Thunderbolt 2. But I’m having a new issue because it requires a System Administrator password to execute which I’m unable to give. Is there a way I can bypass this?

The password is the one on your computer, the main password used to log into your own system. There is no way around that. If you don’t have access to that password then you need to hook the drive up to a computer that you do and use the software on it.

Thanks for the reply but that’s not working. Are there any special character restrictions?

Yes, the standard ones on Windows. can’t have any symbols. Good rule of thumb is to try not to go over 8 characters

Still can’t access the app! Am I allowed an exclamation mark (!) in my password? Your reply is slightly confusing because this isn’t clear. Thanks for your help.

No you cannot use any special characters in your password. Change your system password to something mundane at least until you’ve used the app to configure the drive. After that you can switch your admin password back to something more complex.