How to change the RAID0 to RAID1 on a G-RAID 12TB

Can anyone help with information on how to convert the above Drive from a RAID0 to a RAID1? Thanks in advance for the help.

Depending on the version of the G-RAID you have, we have quite a few threads in here on which application to download and run to convert the RAID.

If you have the G-RAID w/ Thunderbolt and USB 3.0 you can download this version for the Mac: G-RAID w/ Thunderbolt configurator

What about for Windows? I have a G-Raid Thunderbolt 3 and can only get it to format as JBOD.

It works the same way on Windows. Change the RAID policy with our configurator then go into the Disk Management and Initialize and format the drive.

Sorry for the newbie question. I also just purchased the G-RAID w/ Thunderbolt 3 (8TB) for Mac and want to set it up to RAID 1. How can I do that? I guess I’m confused by the fact it was indicated as hardware RAID. Thanks in advance.

Here is the link directly.

Once you have installed the configurator software you can click the configure button and choose RAID1. One that has been completed you will get messages that the drive needs to be initialized. Using the Disk Utility you Erase the drive and it will mount and be usable by the computer.

Thanks for the pointers. Will try it right away.

Hello Rydia

I am trying to configure a 20tb Thunderbolt 3 GRAID with the G-RAID Removable with Thunderbolt Utility to use it as a RAID1 in windows, but every time i configure it, it disappear, and only appears again when i format it with the G-thechnology formatting wizzard.

what can I do?
i already tried to use the Gstudio Configurator, but that software does not recognize my GRAID 20TB

as a second question i want to ask you if it is possible to configure 2 20tb Thunderbolt 3 RAID as one big RAID01 with 20TB at the end, maybe there is also a way to do that?
thanks in advance


The drive is supposed to disappear when you use the configurator because every-time you change the RAID policy it deletes the format.

You need to use the configurator to set it to RAID1, then go into the Disk Management portion of Windows and Right Click on the device and create a new Simple Volume on it. That will allow you to format it and be a 10TB RAID1 device.

To answer your 2nd question. You can technically set it up as a large RAID1 if you keep each unit as RAID0 and the mirror them. However it would require the use of extra software to create a software RAID and we don’t support that.

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Thanks a lot, that is an answer!!!

Is there a way to keep the performance of Raid0 using Raid1?

If you have a 4 bay or more drive unit you can create a RAID10 which is a stripe and a mirror essentially. Our G-Speed Studio R and Shuttle systems can do this.