12TB G-RAID, Can't split RAID 0 Into 2 Drives on MAC

So I have a new 12TB G-RAID I’m excited to start using, obviously it shipped with RAID 0 but I want to use as RAID 1. But whether I use SoftRaid or the Mac Disk Utility (on Sierra so RAID support is there) my G-RAID only shows up as a single 12TB volume, how can I split/reformat/initialize so I can see the 2 separate 6TB drives for RAID 1ing. Thx!


If you have the G-RAID removable you will need our configurator as it is a hardware RAID. Disk Utility and SoftRAID are just for software RAIDed devices.

For Thunderbolt 2 and USB 3 equipped removable RAID: HERE

For USB 3 only RAID: HERE


I did download the tool for configurating the G-Raid with Thunderbold. After opening the app tells me to type in a password. Where can I get that password.

By the way: why is it not written anywhere on the G-Raid with Thunderbold product web site, that this formatting tool is needed? I only found that information here.

The password is your system password. We do not put any passwords on the software or devices. It is your own login password for your computer.


Thank you. Now I managed to format the G-Raid with Thunderbold 12 TB in a RAID 1 with 6 TB. Unfortunately my Mac (OS X Yosemite 10.10.5) can not mount it any more. What can I do?

After you convert the RAID it will need to be formatted. Converting the RAID removes the existing format on the drive. You need to Erase the drive using the Disk Utility and it will then mount and be usable.

Thank you. I just found an older answer of yours. I am not shure if all this is in the manual, but posting it on the web site of the drive would make it easier to find.

I had the same problem. I spent 3 hours trying to set up the raid 1 with my 12 TB drive. It wasn’t until the next day when I called tech-support that they told me I needed the configurator. And that I then needed to format the drive. So now my question is, after successfully doing that, should it only show up as a 6 TB drive? Because that is what I see.

Yes, If you mirror it you only see the half the capacity.