G-Raid w/ Thunderbolt showing as 1 Drive

I purchased a 8TB G-Raid with Thunderbolt with the intention of setting it up as a RAID 1 (1 4 TB drive to be used and the second 4 TB to mirror.) I was under the belief that it was two 4 TB harddrives and that this woudn’t be an issue. The drive is showing as 1 8 TB drive to my mac (running mojave.) I tried partitioning the drive into 2 4 TB drives but it won’t let me set up RAID 1 (and I’m not even sure that is the correct solution.) Is it possible to set this up the way I want or did I purchase the wrong thing?

We have multiple types of G-RAIDs with Thunderbolt and USB. We have them with removable drive bays that are hardware RAID controlled and use a special configurator from our website to convert to RAID1. Then we have a G-RAID w/ Thunderbolt only that is an older version that uses Thunderbolt 1 and has is software RAIDed.

You manage this 2nd device in Disk Utility. But you don’t partition it. You have to delete the existing RAID in Disk Utility and then use the RAID Assistant that is built into the Disk Utility to create a new one as a Mirror.

If you have one of our units that is removable and has USB as well then you need to download our configurator. G-RAID removable configurator Once you convert it, you then go into Disk Utility and Erase it so that it is usable.