G-Raid with thunderbolt 3 Raid1 issue

I just purchased a 20TB G-raid Thunderbolt 3 to serve as a Raid1 drive. When I first plugged the drive in it came up on my Mac as a 20tb drive with the G-Raid icon on my desktop for the drive. I downloaded the configurator, set to Raid1, then erased and formatted to Mac OSExtended in disc utilty as I read to do. Now though it only shows as one single 10TB drive, not 2 drives in RAID. Our Thunderbay drives show each drive in the Raid, but the G-Raid only looks like one 10TB lone drive. It also no longer comes up with the G-Raid icon on desktop that looks like an actual GTech drive, rather its just a plain yellow drive icon called untitled. Is this correct? Please help.

It is only supposed to show as one drive, the computer does not know there are two drives inside that is due to it being a hardware RAID device that required our software to configure it.