G-raid with thunderbolt 2 convert from Raid 0 to 1

I received my 8 tb drive the other day, seems to work fine and just for a test I did save some files there. But I wanted to have it configured as as a RAID 1 mirror. I did find some info in various places but when I started out using the Apple disk utility I wasn’t sure what to do, I had looked at the info on lifewire.com and based on that I thought I would see several disks when I used the utility but it just showed 1 8th disk. Should I partition that into 2 4t disks, or what?

No you want to leave it as it is. You only see one drive because it is a hardware RAID. The enclosure itself handles the RAID and the computer has no idea it is a RAID device.

If you want to convert it to RAID1 you will need to use our configurator to do so. G-RAID w/ TB2 configurator

Once it has been configured you then Erase it in the Disk Utility and it will then mount as a single 4TB drive and be mirrored.