Setting G-RAID Thunderbolt 3 to RAID1?


I’ve just bought an 8TB G-RAID with Thunderbolt 3 to go with my brand new iMac (running High Sierra). I want to configure it to run as RAID1 - i.e. as two mirrored 4TB drives. I can’t see any way to do that - there don’t seem to be any DIP switches to change, nor can I find any utility software on the G-Tech website which is specific to my drive… Please can someone enlighten me as to how to proceed.

So far, I am unimpressed with this drive - the manuals, etc, are virtually nonexistent, and there’s almost no info in the website… Surely not everyone is born knowing how to do this stuff?

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In order to switch the RAID you will need to use our configurator found here: G-RAID w/ TB3 configurator

Once you’ve switched to RAID1 it will tell you it needs to be Initialized, that means erased using the Disk Utility. Do so and the drive will then be usable as a mirror device.

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Well, it all worked fine - I was able to change the array from RAID0 to RAID1, and get everything set up and apparently working. I set in to transfer data onto the array…

And the front panel light turned solid red. Opening up the case, the lower of the two drives also has a solid red light, indicating that it has failed. It’s been running less than an hour. I am not impressed, because, after five weeks of not being able to catch up with my photographic work due to an iMac failure, I am brought to a grinding halt by a drive failure.

So, I’ve just tried to generate an RMA to return this drive for replacement… And the software tells me that the device is not eligible for warranty replacement, and that I have to return it to the place I purchased it from…

Has anyone ever tried to return anything to Apple? I can’t find any way, on their website, of doing it.

I’m getting really annoyed. having got my money, no-one’s interested.

With any RMA assistance you can call in to our support and we can help you get an RMA created manually if need be. 888.426.5214