Network Shares - Vista - Can't find any Sources

Hello all,

I got my WD TV Live yesterday and am trying to get it to connect to my Vista laptop to access the media files within.

At first it found my PC, but couldn’t find any files, now it finds nothing.

I’ve tried reading through all the similar Threads but nothing has worked.

So could someone please tell me how I go about solving this issue?

What settings to have on the Network & sharing centre, what settings to have on the WD TV Live etc.

As I really want this sorted as that was one of the features that drew me to this product.

Many Thanks,


From the WD TV LIve you should be able to access the files by Network Shares or Media Server.  Make sure that your WIndows Vista folders are configured correctly to be shared:  How to share a folder in Windows that can be viewed with the WD TV Live, Live Streaming, Live Hub, or Live Plus

Thanks, well that my Video’s folder now shared (I think it was already)

But when on my WD unit I scan for ‘Windows Shares’, it just keeps searching and searching, finding nothing…

Have same issue, was working fine till i loged off from the network sare, now it just spins looking for source but never finds anything.

Windows 7 Ultimate (64bit)

I have the same problem… How can this be so hard? Its supose to be easy!? Been working with/at this for hours now.

I can make the WD tv live see the vista computer (64 bit profesional) as a windows media server, but cant get it going with my mkv files. What I realy want though is to get it to find the shared folders with my mkv files… But it just keeps looking the little orange wheel keeps turning, but finds nothing.