Network Issues

I seem to be having an issue I just cannot figure out and I am hoping someone here can assist me. Last night I purchased a new Cable Modem in order to be able to use the faster speeds my ISP provides. I simply unplugged the old modem and attached the new one, called the ISP and they activated it and everything seemed fine. That is until I went to access my EX2 cloud thru my home network. For some reason (obviously no clue to the reason) my EX2 is not found on my home network. So I followed the 40 second reset and tried to start over, well that did not work either. Now I can access my EX2 via the app on my phone and the online portal and I can see my files just as if nothing has changed. The problem is that I cannot access it from my home computer on my network. Can anyone give me some ideas of what to check here?

Thank you in advance for any and all advice.

Hi xllSargellx,

Please follow the instruction given in the link mentioned below and check if the issue still persist.

Thank you so much for taking the time to reply. Unfortunately after following these instructions My Cloud still is not seen as being connected to my network yet I can still access it thru the internet.

Did you buy a new MODEM or a combo Router/Modem? There is a big difference since a router could be the issue but not the modem. A router could be creating a different IP address than previous one, but a modem can’t. Purpose of a modem is to insert the internet signal from ISP into the router (or router section of a combo unit) and not much else.

If you have separate router and modem it is likely the router IP address.

When I replaced my modem with a faster one and plugged it into the existing router, everything still worked fine and my internet bandwidth speed was increased, that’s all.

Mike27oct thank you for taking the time to reply and all I did was buy a new modem. The router did not change however the My Cloud did end up with a different IP. I found that out when I tried to access the dashboard. I can access the dashboard and all my files via the internet just not on my home network.

Others here have had issues setting up a My Cloud on a different/new router, so search forums for that and you may find some info you can use.

Thanks I will do a search and see what I can find.