Netgear N150 USB Wireless Adapter WNA1000M

Hi everyone,

Would it be possible to make the Netgear N150 USB Wireless Adapter (WNA1000M) compatible with the WD TV Live Hub Media Center in the next firmware version ?

It is actually the ‘mirco’ version of an adapter (not the WNA 1100 model which is listed here :

Thanks a lot in advance for your responses.

Well, I think that WD can do it. Post this in the Idea forum, so people can vote one it and if possible, WD might added.

i have the netgear wn111 v2 which used to work on previous firmware and now it doesn;t so i just bought wnda3100 also from netgear which is listed on this list,342/session/L3RpbWUvMTMyNTMzOTkzNi9zaWQvcSoyOW1aTWs%3D

so maybe they could try getting any of the usb adaptors to work that are on the updated compatible list also so i don;t annoy the people at bestbuy with my constant returns of items also

Note that only the “versionless” wnda3100 is supported.   If you got the wnda3100 (v2), it’s not.

As I’m not very used with forums, could you please give the link to the Idea Forum you mentioned to me ?

Thanks in advance.