Which wireless USB adapter is compatible?


I bought the WD TV Live Hub.

I want to have  WiFi access on the WD TV Live Hub.

I bought the WiFi  USB adapter -Netgear WN 111-, from the WD List

of compatible devices. The adapter is not recognised of the Multi Media device.

After that, I bought the WiFi USB adapter -Netgear WNDA 3100-,

from the WD List of compatible devices too.

The same result, not recognised from Multi Media device.

I tried both adapters on another WD TV Live Hub, the same result.

Which WiFi USB adapter would be recognize?

I prefer Netgear, because my router is from Netgear, but I can change to another company.

The newest firmware is updated.

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AFAIK the ones you have should work

you need to make sure they have the same revision as the one suggested on the list for supported adapters

you can try to rollback the firmware to see if the issue is only present on the new firmware

The trouble with the ones he has is there is no rev number just a * , WD have covered their backside by saying something or other, so you cant even say what firmware they used.

Hi, after the 3.07.14 firmware update, my Belkin F7D2102az Version 2011az was recognised but wasn’t with previous firmware versions. It is sold as  Belkin Surf N300 and is a micro size and unobtrusive on the front of the hub if that is also a consideration.

I have the same problem.  I have bought the Netgear WNDA 3100, it is one of the adapters on the compatible list devices. There is no version on the box label. 

Is there any past firmware version that make it works? 

Had the same problem, however, this forum enlightened me about this product:


Works like a charm.

I brought the belkin surf n300 ver2011az after reading your post but it does not work with the latest firmware 3.08.14.  Wdtv live hub needs to sort this out as its the second wifi adapter I’ve brought now which doesn’t work. Also brought a TL-WN821N which ended up being ver3 which needed ver2 which you cannot find out unless you open it then you cannot return it because its opened. Now I’ve got two wifi adapters which I don’t need. So frustrating. The list of compatible wifi adapters is so hard to find as the version are not in description when you buy the product just the model numbers and most versions are old and not sold no more. Read online lots of people having she same problem too.

now I’ve noticed a wifi adapter on the wdtv website under accessories and there’s a wifi adapter there which if you search online also says the same version number too which I have just ordered from amazon.This SHOULD work hopefully for anyone still looking for a compatible adapter. I am still waiting for it but it fits the model number n version number n has been tested on the latest firmware. 

I dont understand why it is so hard to find a compatible wifi adapter to work, the list of compatible wifi adapter from the wd site is pretty much useless if your purchasing a brand new adapter. sort it out Western digital! the firmware update wasn’t  long ago 10/31/2012 and already two wifi adapters I purchased from the list which are the right models and brand new, do not work.

This “version” frustration is why a lot of people are just using WiFi bridges or PowerLine AV interfaces.

“Guaranteed” compatibility because it just uses the built-in wired ethernet port.

 Although it’s nice to see I’m not the only one with this problem, it didn’t help me avoid buying a non-compatible adapter first, or help me find a compatible one.

The first, a Netgear Wireless N USB Adapter WNA3100 unfortunately had a D missing (WNDA3100) so didn’t work. The list of compatible devices is a good place to start, but in terms of buying an adapter that works, it’s next to useless. Not only do you have to find the right model, but the right model with the right “Version/Revision”. This involves either getting sight of the box the adapter comes in or getting the on-line seller to look for you. Have you tried that? Here in the UK, the number of shops that stock adapters is pretty small to begin with and finding one that stocks a compatible model almost impossible. Off to the www then. Now find someone willing to check the version/revision for you. Hooray for eBay! I managed to persuade a seller to check the box of a TP-Link 150Mbps Wireless N USB Adapter TL-WN721N and, although it listed it as Ver 1.9 and the WD states “Rev.0108”, as the TP-Link website doesn’t list any software updates for that model, I took the chance and…

…it works!