Wireless Network Adapters

Hello I have a netgearG54 and a Belkin N150 wireless adapter I want to use on a Western Digital Live can anyone telll if this one of the compatible adapter.  Also I am still using the original firmware will it have to be updated before I can go wireless with the WDLive

Thank you

Here is a list of compatible wireless adapters for the WD Live/Live Plus. That Belkin adapter is on the list. It is model number F6D4050, Version 1000. Make sure that you are using the correct version of the adapter. Other versions of the same model probably will not work.

Compatible adapters

If you are happy with your current firmware, you can try it with your adapter. If it works, good. If not, you can try the latest firmware. Again, be sure to use the version specified by WD.

Ty for the response I have a F9L100v1 I will go online and look for some older models of adapters all the ones I have are fairly new and none are on the list. 

As for the firm ware if it would not be to much of a bother could give me a link to a recent one that is good?




Here is a link for the WD home entertainment product downloads. The names of the media players are very similar so make sure that you choose your correct model number.

WD Home Entertainment Downloads

Hi Sandy,

   This is a follow to the two things you helpd me with earlier.  I tried the Belkin I had and it worked even though its not the exact same model and version listed on the chart.  My is a Belkin N150 Mdl F9L100 V1.  Thie firm ware I had on the unit was current.

    I just wanted you to know and add this model to your list of adapters that will work with WD Live Plus.





I gave up trying to buy a compatible USB adapter and bought a NETGEAR universal wi-fi adapter which plugs into the ethernet port, rather than USB, on the back of a 2nd WDTV Live HD and works great. I had to enable WPS on my router and am now streaming vids, pics, music and 5.1 audio. This was recommended to me by MAPLINS, I was dubious when they said it would work - no problem, but now can actually use my media player after weeks of trying different adapters.