Netflix Issues

Recently I’ve been experiencing issues with Netflix on my WDTV Live Hub. While watching a program it constantly backs out and goes to the load screen. The program will start back up been then the same issue comes back. I’ve tried resetting the device, as well as my router but that’s only a short term fix. I don’t have any trouble with Vudu streaming. In fact, the network speed tested out that I can watch HDX movies.

Is this a firmware issue? Any help would be appreciated.

Have you try accessing Netflix from other devices?  If the issue is only with the Hub you can try rolling back to a previous firmware.  If this does not fix it you may contact WD for a replacement.

Netflix starts to load the movie then the screen goes black.  Tried reseting and it did not work.  Pandora works fine.

If you are using HDMI, Does your TV support HDCP?

Netflix works on xbox 360 and tablet using wifi. Problem with rolling back firmware is I’ll lose Vudu.

Ok, so i had a separate issue with my WDTV Hub (the hard drive crashed), WDTV replaced the device. However, I’m still having streaming issues with Netflix. Is anyone else having this issue? Is it a firmware problem?

This is frustrating. The new firmware was just released but it didn’t include a fix for Netflix streaming issues. Why can’t they get this fixed?