NETFLIX stops at loading movie

I’ve searched and have not seen this specific issue.  I can log in fine to NETFLIX, I can see my instant queue just fine.  So that eliminates most of the common problems.  Once I select a movie to watch, it goes to loading movie, the red status bar goes to full progress, then nothing happens.  I then get a message about that title unavailable currently.  I can stream Pandora, Youtube, etc just fine.  I’ve selected the exact same titles on my PC at the same time and it works fine.  So it isn’t an outage on NETFLIX side.   I really need NETFLIX to work to keep my kids happy.  I’ve tried upgrading to the newest firmware 1.06, and then downgraded to 1.05.  Hard reset, rejoined netflix account.  NADA.  Why will NETFLIX not stream???

If it hasn’t worked with any firmware, it sounds like your TV doesn’t support HDCP content protection.

I am not sure if it does, but that would be for hdmi only, correct?  Would this still apply if I tried the component or composite connections as well?  I tried them also, and it did not work.

You’re right…  It only applies to HDMI.

How long has this been going on?

I just got the device as a gift.  So only since last night.  I’ve never had NETFLIX work.

I exchanged that unit for another one for grins.  It is now streaming just fine.